Student Experience & Support

The School of Economics and Public Policy offers a range of opportunities to ensure our graduates are well supported during their studies.

Internships & practical experience

We coordinate a range of professionally focused programs that provide our students with a pathway into employment, including traditional industry placements and online project-based internships. These provide industry placement opportunities for students interested in sectors such as agribusiness, wine business, banking, defence, healthcare, technology, asset management, government, not-for-profit, sport, and financial services.

For more information, please visit the Faculty's internships program.

Riley Harris
I learnt so much over my four week stay at my internship placement because I was given a lot of responsibility in regard to the project. I was able to work on my confidence when interacting with stakeholders, and understand how entrepreneurial ventures deal with the uncertainty of starting something new. I would absolutely recommend people find an opportunity to grow their skills through an internship of this kind.Riley Harris - Bachelor of Economics (Adv), Bachelor of Arts. Interned at Project Everest - What is FarmEd project

Global experience

Develop your cultural awareness and build global networks through our international study and exchange agreements with a range of high profile international universities. In addition to the general University Global Learning opportunities, we also offer a number of economics-specific international study programs, including KU Leuven, University of Chile, University of Freiburg, North Carolina State University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and many more.

Alternatively, we also offer short-term study tour opportunities for students interested in the international study who may be unable to commit to a full-length exchange program. 

Network & student bodies

Women in Economics

The Women in Economics Program is a career development program and support network for female economics students at the University of Adelaide. The program hosts a series of events every year, with invited external and internal speakers, including panel presentations, networking, seminars, workshops, mock scenarios, meetings. Visit the Facebook page to keep updated on upcoming events or email us.

The Economics Club exists to provide a platform for like-minded students to debate and further develop their understanding of economics. The Club organizes economics events and talks through the year. Keep updated and follow us on Facebook.

Academic & student support 

The University of Adelaide offers a range of support services free of additional charge to assist students with academic writing, research, and mathematics. 

Are you an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student? The School of Economics Indigenous Students Mentor along with Wirltu Yarlu can offer support. Wirltu Yarlu is responsible for engaging with and recruiting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as well as providing support to students during their time here at the University of Adelaide. The Indigenous Student Mentors (ISMs) provide faculty based support that focuses on program advice, enrolments, and academic issues. For further information, please contact Associate Professor Duygu Yengin.

Student prizes

The School of Economics and Public Policy recognises its high achieving students through numerous student prizes. The awards are sponsored by industry partners and are a great opportunity for students to mix with high-profile employers while receiving recognition for achievement.