Assessment and evaluation

Assessment, measurement and evaluation are fundamental to educational outcomes. We investigate the role of different approaches of assessment to learning outcomes using robust statistical approaches.

Teacher in class with students

Researchers across the school are focused on

  • What are the most effective methods of assessment?
  • What are the best methods of evaluating outcomes?
  • How can sophisticated measurement techniques enable the development and evaluation of positive school-based outcomes?

Lead researchers

Highlighted projects

  • Student Performance in Science and Mathematics: A Comparative Study of Five South East Asian Countries
  • Psychosocial Needs and their Effect on Refugee Children and Young Adults in Australia, Italy and Indonesia
  • Teaching how to learn: promoting self-regulated learning in STEM classes
  • International validation of Beliefs about Teaching and Learning (BALT) instrument 
  • The interaction between autonomy and assessment

Available projects

  • Factors influencing Student Performance in Science and Mathematics
  • Assessment and the measurement of student achievement, progress, and attitude
  • Cross national and comparative studies based on large scale assessment data