Curriculum Design

The School has a strong interest in researching curriculum design approaches in STEM, ESL, media, medical and engineering education.

Students look at laptop on the Barr Smith lawns

We are focused on creativity and transformational learning where we research novel approaches to creativity and transformation that include the unconscious as a dynamic factor. The creative process is cleanest to examine in the subjects of mathematics, physics and art. The transformative process is most fully seen in the developmental changes that occur throughout the life-span of the educator.

Researchers across the school are focused on

  • A psychodynamic model of creativity in mathematics and physics
  • Exploring Transformative Education as Individuation in the Educator
  • Application of Moustakas’ Heuristic approach to education research

Lead researchers

Highlighted projects

  • Development of engineering education resources built on professional processes
  • Archetypal Basis of Physics Concepts According to Wolfgang Pauli
  • The Fours Stages of Creativity According to Lev Vygotsky
  • Scientific Concept Development in Dual-Aspect Monism

Available projects

  • Transformative Education/Learning and Individuation – various contexts, including secular and religious.
  • Delivery pathways of mathematics and physics concepts informed by their archetypal basis.