Wellbeing and Culture Research Group

The Wellbeing and Culture group is a transdisciplinary research team undertaking specialist studies in education projects focusing on student wellbeing, teacher wellbeing, and culture. The group focuses on evidence-based approaches that can be used to have a positive impact on education and to narrow the gap in contemporary and emerging topics in education.


Key areas: Wellbeing, International and Indigenous Education, Policy, Sociology and Philosophy

Team Leader: Assoc. Prof Mathew White

Research team

Higher degree research students

  • Tania Zebian
  • Mohamed Fadhil Bin Mohamed Ismail
  • Liwen Tan
  • Shaun Oakey
  • Carl Salt
  • Katrina Cummins
  • Adam Slater
  • Yuli Astiana
  • Wendy Cowan
  • Mutinta Sifelani Musindo
  • Safiah Nasser M Hakami 
  • Parivash Mohammad Nezhad
  • Jennifer Stokes
  • Susan Sprason
  • Wenfei Li