Technology in Education

Technology in Education

Our own research on digital teaching and learning underpins our understanding of technology for enhancing the student experience.

Researchers across the school are focused on

  • How will new technologies such as augmented and virtual realities be used in education?
  • How can technology be best incorporated into Schools?
  • What are the roles of mobile devices and applications in learning?

Lead researchers

Highlighted projects

  • Artificial Intelligence Resources in schools.
  • Investigation of the Impact of placement of visual information in the visual field on a user’s ability to navigate in the environment and deploy attention.
  • The use of branching scenarios in learning

Available projects

  • Cognitive Load in Virtual Reality Environments. To be made available mid 2021
  • Narrative in virtual reality environments. Masters Project
  • Gamification in virtual reality environments. To be made available mid 2021
  • The role of presence and immersion in educational VR scenarios. Masters Project (multiple projects)