Latest news en 2021 Hugo Memorial Lecture: This Is Demography Manifest How do we make sense of a population as spread out and diverse as Australia? For years, we’ve looked to demographers to carve up, label, and stratify the public into groups and categories, in the hope that these overlapping identifiers might help us understand the shape of the nation. Such complex data rarely makes the front page, but can inform policy decisions that affect all of our lives. So how does it all work, and how can demography help us understand contemporary Australia? August 13 2021 a1648154 IOM Research Internship Opportunity The Migration Research Division at IOM Headquarters has a new internship opening. The selected candidate for this six months, home-based position will assist with a range of activities, such as desk-based research tasks to support the development of technical guidance on migration research and research projects to IOM field offices, assist with communications/dissemination activities related to the World Migration Report and other research outputs, and assist in the development of research project documentation, among other functions. The deadline for applications is 6 June 2021.  Find out more and apply here.  June 1 2021 a1648154 "Sustainable development and changing demography in the Asia-Pacific" - Zoom Seminar The Second International Series of the Multidisciplinary Research Seminar of the Department of Demography, Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka will be held on 5 June 2021 at 7:00 PM ACST (3:00 PM IST) on Zoom. Professor Gavin W. Jones (Emeritus Professor, Australian National University) will present on the topic "Sustainable development and changing demography in the Asia-Pacific". May 25 2021 a1648154 Living South Australia: How could we work, study, move and live post Covid-19? Covid-19 has changed the way we look at how and where we work, study, move and live. May 10 2021 a1648154 Migration Australia 2019-2020 Data Release The Centre for Population recently released their analysis of the Australian Bureau of Statistics's Migration, Australia 2019-2020 data. This analysis, along with previous data releases, is now available on the Centre for Population's webpage. April 27 2021 a1648154 Stimulating the housing industry: Limitations of the public housebuilding panacea This AHURI COVID-19 research project is led by Professor Steven Rowley, Curtin University, with significant inputs from the University of Adelaide. Its focus is on the fact that the housing industry has long been held up as an ideal mechanism for delivering economic stimulus in periods of economic crisis. The project asks what policies are most effective in utilising the industry, does the industry actually have the capacity to respond and what form should this response take? May 25 2020 a1002126 Renting in the time of COVID-19: understanding the impacts The economic downturn resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has placed many in the rental market at risk; they face uncertainty, tenure insecurity and financial hardship. Guided by the needs of policy, this AHURI COVID-19 research project led by Professor Emma Baker rapidly generates a nationwide dataset and essential reporting on the impact of COVID-19 on tenants. May 25 2020 a1002126 Supporting Australia’s housing system: modelling pandemic policy responses This new AHURI funded project has been funded under AHURI’s special COVID-19 responses funding round. The project is led by Professor Chris Leishman and will deliver the rapid redevelopment of economic / housing system modelling approaches to provide deep policy insights into COVID-19 housing interventions, focussing on impacts to employment, earnings, and outcomes for owners, renters and investors. The economic simulation model will simulate the probable impacts of three principal policy interventions. May 25 2020 a1002126 More Different Futures Network Professor Chris Leishman has joined a new international research network in which Professor Duncan Maclennan (University of Glasgow) explores COVID-19 housing recovery policies and innovation across the UK, Canada and Australia. More information can be found in this summary document. May 16 2020 a1002126 Rebuilding Australia’s economy A major AHURI funded inquiry into Population, Migration and Productivity focuses on one of Australia’s most pressing current policy problems. With individual projects due to report in August this year, and an overall Inquiry report by the end of the year, this research will uncover robust statistical evidence on the connections between population change, inter-state and net overseas migration, housing costs and economic productivity. More information can be found on the AHURI web pages. March 30 2020 a1002126