The Regional Migrant Settlement Experience


Murray Bridge: A Blueprint for a Good Regional Migrant Settlement Experience

The aim of this study is to achieve a better understanding of successful settlement of new migrants in the Rural City of Murray Bridge, South Australia. The project partners are the Rural City of Murray Bridge, Regional Development Australia Murraylands & Riverland Inc. and the Australian Migrant Resource Centre.

The Rural City of Murray Bridge is an excellent example of providing new migrants with jobs, with housing, with opportunities for education and a welcoming, accepting community attitude. But what is the next step? How can the Rural City of Murray Bridge enable and assist new migrants in creating good long-term settlement outcomes with active citizenship and social participation in community life?

In order to ensure that migrants want to continue making a life in Murray Bridge it is important to understand from the migrants themselves how they view life in Murray Bridge and how deeper, stronger community engagement can be fostered. This project intends to engage a wide range of new migrants (from those who have settled more permanently in Murray Bridge to those who are newer and less settled) along with community stakeholders, in order to flesh out views of good civic and social engagement.

This evidence will not only be able to provide a way forward for Murray Bridge to engage new migrants in social and civic life but also provide blueprint for other rural and regional towns where new migrants are changing the community landscape; enabling this to become a positive not only for local economies but also for local communities.

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