PhD Students

  • English, Creative Writing and Film

    Creative Writing

    Current HDR Candidates

    Em Koenig – Queer Ecologies and Contemporary Poetry

    Dancey Gordon – Metafictional Television: an Exegesis Investigating How Metafictional Techniques Can Add to the Quality Or Sophistication of a Television Comedy, Plus a Creative Work (Comedy Television Series) About a Creative Writing Student’s Life In a Postgraduate College

    Glenn Diaz –Into the Forest: Historical Imagination in Philippine Fiction

    Angela Kingston – Epistolary Novel about the Influence of Enid Blyton on Australian Cultural Identity

    Olujide Adebayo-Begun – Iya Kafayat: A Novel (Creative Component)
    A Grammar of Play in a Postcolongy of a Postcolony (Exegesis)

    Lyn Dickens – A Prose Fiction Project on Colonel William Light

    Juliet Paine – Exerting Machines

    Delana Carbone – Superfiction

    Gemma Parker – The Blackness of the Sun: An Exploration of Nihilism and Meaning in the works of Albert Camus and Samuel Beckett

    Jennifer Molloy – Beyond the frame: Assumptions and silences in ST Gill's utopian visions of Colonial South Australia

    Stephen Abram – Tattoos as Ekphrastic Narratives of Otherness in Crime Fiction

    Jane Turner Goldsmith – Motivations to Read in the Time of the Virus – ‘Psychological First Aid’ and the Composite Novel

    Verity Oswin – A Woman is a State (Poet as Vandal): An intersectional feminist reading of Major Mitchell’s Australia Felix expedition and the production of a colonial poetics to legitimize dispossession

    Natalie Le Beau – Notes from the Pyrocene

    Susan Hazel – Longpela Gut Bai: A Braided Narrative of Privilege and Loss


    Nadia Roberts – Writing a war from within a war: Explorations in traumatic Bosnian war memory

    Bronwyn Lovell – Astronaut Adaptations: What reboots and revisions reveal about shifting attitudes toward astronauts and space exploration

    Gillian Hagenus – Writing the Australian Suburban Gothic

    Alex Sutcliffe – No Promises: Literary Language and Late Capitalism

    Jane Costessi – Tracing Charlotte Jay: The Geraldine Halls Project

    Recently Completed


    Mark Anthony Cayanan – Major Work: Unanimal, Counterfeit, Scurrilous; Exegesis: "Expiation, For, the, sin, of, Nothing": The Politics of Form in Queer Philippine Poetry in English

    Gretta Mitchell – kookaburra: anti tales of laughing doom (PhD)


    Anj Foley – Narratives of Child Abduction in Nazi-Occupied Eastern Europe: Volume 1: Novella; Volume 2: Exegesis (MPhil)

    Emily Palmer – Volume 1: Scapegrace; Volume 2: The (Absent) Female Body: Cross-dressing Narratives in Young Adult Fantasy Fiction (PhD)


    Paul Turley – The Poetic Invitation: Exploring manifold experience in easy poems (MPhil)

    Phillipa Martin – Volume 1: My Killer Secret; Volume 2: 'Literary' Crime Fiction - an Analysis (PhD)


    Ngoc Thu Hoang – Vietnam to the World, a Magical Connection: 'Embers of Time' (a novel) and 'Bridging Disparate Realms' (an exegesis) (PhD)


    Current Candidates


    Benjamin Kearvell – English – Deleuzian Difference and Disability

    Owen Everitt – English - Mapping the Murray: a Bioregional Approach to Character and Narrative

    Darryl Do – English - A Literary Study of Classical Influences on Milton's Theodicy in Paradise Lost

    Najla Alyabis – English - Muslim Women's Identity in a Changing World: the Fiction of Leila Aboulela

    Samuel Cox – English: A Search for Country in Australian Literature

    Laura Hamilton – English: Reading-as-Witnessing in the Trans-Indigenous Literacy Archive: a Study of Lee Maracle and Alexis Wright

    Celine Zerna – English: 'The Other in Ourselves': The Ethics, Aesthetics, and Epistemologies of Feminist (Auto) Ethnography

    Jacob Sunter – English: Beach Bodies: Cruising the Shore in Fire Island Literature

    Jana Norman – English - LGBT Bound for South Australia: The role of gender and sexual diversity in migration and mobility to South Australia 1950-1999

    Meg Madden – English: Fragments of Self: Contemporary Women's Life Writing

    Clare Charlesworth – English - Revisionary Practices in American Literature: A Study of Walt Whitman, Henry James, and Willa Cather

    Theodora Galanis – English: Figuring the Sea, Inland: Oceanic Imaginaries in Contemporary Australian Literature

    Azadeh Feridoun Pour – English - “. . . a story in an obscure corner of the front page . . .” American White Women Novelists: New Recognitions (1950s-1965)

    Matthew Couper – English: Fishing in Moby-Dick, Omeros, and Carpentaria


    Taylor Westmacott – English – Violence, Boredom, Extinction: Artist Depictions of Symbolic Death and Masculine Deliquency

    Recently Completed


    Ruby Niemann – English - From Zero Hour to Kudzucene: Reading Margaret Atwood's Post-Millennial Novels under the Auspices of Anthropocene Thought (PhD)

    Patrick Moritz – English - ‘A lightness that is both new and a return’: Nekyia and katabasis in twenty-first century receptions of the Iliad (MPhil)


    Kate Bowen – English - The Masks That Wear Men: The Representation of Masculine Masquerade In 1990s American Action Cinema (PhD)

    Brydie Kosmina – English - We are the granddaughters of the witches you couldn't burn’: Feminist Afterlives of the Witch in Popular Culture (PhD)


    Charlotte Kelso – English - Bound by Narrative: 'Reading' the Female Body and Genre in Nineteenth-Century British Literature (MPhil)

    Jane Nelson – English - Shakespeare and Christian Hermetism: religio mentis a Study of Esoteric Thought in Four Plays (PhD)

    Jessie Bryne – English - Just Deserts: Reading, Writing and Rewarding Australian Women’s Crime Fiction (PhD)

    Kezia Perry – English - Shadow of The Archers and Crossing Over: Writing Young Adult Fiction and Finding the Contemporary Reader


    Alison Coppe – English - Notes from Above Water: Fictocriticism as Queer Creative Research Practice (PhD)


  • European Languages and Linguistics

    French Studies

    Current HDRs


    Debra Hoadley – French Studies - Collaboration in Photographic Art Works (Sophie Calle and Mathieu Briand)

    Freya Davies-Ardil – French Studies - Geographies of Francophone Pacific Literature - Mapping Place, Writers and Writing


    Lauren Twine – French Studies - Exploring Artistic Responses to Far-right Populism in Contemporary France

    Recently Completed


    Melanie Maillot – French Studies - Poetics of Neutrality and the Question of Being in the poetic work of Andrée Chedid and Jeanne Benguigui


    Marianne Braux – French Studies - Parole De Narrateurs: Figures De L'Enonciation Dans Le Recit Francais Moderne (PhD)

    German Studies

    Current HDRs


    Mary Quigley – German Studies - Learning German in English-Speaking Tertiary Contexts: Identity, Social Strategies and Language Use


    Current HDRs


    Quang Le – Linguistics - Time-marking words in Vietnamese - from fallacious tense-aspect-mood markers to modal particles of sequentiality

    Yumei Cui – Linguistics - Semantic Preference in Chinese Business English Words: a Corpus-based Study

    Teuku Auwal – Linguistics - A Study of Young Acehnese-lndonesian Bilingual Adults in Aceh

    Christopher Venning – Linguistics - Linguistic Classification in the Daly River Languages

    Caryn Rogers – Linguistics - Rhetorical Structure and Persuasion in Classical Hebrew

    Elise Westin – Linguistics - Unburied Memories: Exploring the Cultural Trauma Process through Holodomor Survivor Literature


    Susie Greenwood – Linguistics - A Comparative Study of Breton and Cornish

    Hakeem Beedar – Linguistics - Ainu Revitalisation in Japan: a comparative study

    Ingrid Kerrigan – Linguistics - Reconstruction of Barngarla Lexicon from Primary and Secondary Sources

    Recently Completed


    Chloe Castle – Linguistics - Co-option of Grammatical Resources from Foreign Languages (a Focus on English and Czech)


    Eve Kheir – Linguistic - Codeswitching as an Index and Construct of Sociopolitical Identity: The Case of the Druze, Christians and Muslims in Israel (PhD)


    Penelope Cashman – Linguistics - International Best Practice in the Teaching of Lyric Diction to Conservatorium-Level Singers (PhD)

  • Historical and Classical Studies

    Art History

    Current HDRs


    Sarah Gibson-Walker – Art History - The Visual Culture of Suffrage in Australia and New Zealand

    Heather Lee – Art Histor - Australian sculptor Ian Bow and the plurality of mid-century Modernism

    Alexandra Mowbray – Art History - The Contemporary Nude in The Digital Age


    Alexandra Nitschke – Art History - The History of the Contemporary Arts Organisations Australia (CAOA) Network

    Recently Completed


    Ralph Body – Art History - Behind the Scenes: Hans Heysen's Art World Networks (PhD)

    Susan Woodburn – Art History - Alexander Schramm (1813-64) and the Visual Representation of Aboriginal People in Mid-Nineteenth Century Colonial Australia (PhD)

    Nerina Dunt – Art History - Investigating the Aesthetic Character of Australian Urban Indigenous Art: A Socio-Political Fusion (PhD)


    Current HDRs


    Gemma Neal – Classics - (Mis)translation of Sexual Violence in Ovid's Metamorphoses

    Greg Macpherson – Classics - From Magic to Medicine: The dynamics of faith and science in drug development in antiquity.

    Emily Chambers – Classics – Free speech in the Roman world

    Recently Completed


    Mary Harpas – Classics – The Hippocratic Understanding of the Living Body (MPhil)

    Tamas Preston – Classics - Dissimulation and Veiled Criticisms in Seneca’s Epistulae Morales ad Lucilium (MPhil)

    Tiana Blazevic-Bastow – Classics – The Ascent to the Hidden One: The Reception of the Egyptian One God in Neoplatonism and the Greek Magical Papyri

    Benjamin Nagy – Classics – Carmen et Standard Error: Computational Methods of Stylistics in Latin Poetry

    Tamara Bremert – Classics – Sex in Suetonius: Sexual Material as a Characterisation Device for Tyrannical Emperors (MPhil)


    Judith Bailey – Classics – Fleecing the Pious: The Palmers' Guild of Ludlow in the Central and North Welsh Marches 1400-1530 (PhD)


    Alex Antoniou – Classics - Divine Emperors and Italy: Emperor Worship in the Italian Peninsula (Excluding Rome) (MPhil)

    Janice Lee – Classics - Silius Italicus' Punica 8. 1-241: a Commentary (MPhil)


    Current HDRs


    Rebekah Harms – History - Building the Innovation Economy: the Development of Science and Technology Policy in South Australia, 1980 - 2020

    Grace Waye-Harris – History - Henrician Fashion Diplomacy

    Megan Nattrass – History - Princess Mary and the Performance of Loyalty, 1516-1547.

    Michael Heim – History - Precarious Accounts: Britain 1700-1850

    Alexander Parsons – History - Australian Protestant Church Responses to the Threat and Reality of War, 1931 - 1945

    Tamika Gloutfsis – History - Interpreting History in Interactive Media, with Particular Focus on Video Games

    Emma Carson – History - Intimacy, Power, and Separation: The Impact of Military Service on Marital Relationships in World War II

    Jessie Lewcock – History - Documenting Suicides by Australian First and Second World War Veterans

    Jack Crawford – History - The rise of industrial unionism in South Australia, 1908-22

    Jodie Vanderpeer – History - South Australian Art Needlework 1876-1909.

    Tess Watterson – History - Gender, History and Magic: The Witch in Video Games

    David Milazzo – History - Conflicting Histories: The Memorialisation of Frontier Violence

    Julian Kusabs – History - Indigenous Civic Literacy: A Comparative History of Education in Australia and New Zealand

    Cathy Chua – History - How conflict between online social network platform providers and users develops and is resolved

    Natalie Ciecierska-Holmes – History - Raw Feeding for Dogs in the UK and Australia: A Social and Ethical Cross-Cultural Comparison

    Caitlin Merlin – History - The New York City Theatrical Community’s Response to the 1980s and 1990s HIV/AIDS Crisis

    Elijah Winters – History - Australia and the Apollo Program

    Tatiana Sazonova – History - Merchants of pre-revolutionary Russia: their role in the life of the empire and influence on society

    Kelly McKinley – History - History of Community Attitudes and Activism in Australia Around The Emergence and Development of GM for Food and Agricultural Purposes, 1970s- Present

    Karina Burns – History - Animal Ethics in Psychological Research in Australia from 1900 to Present

    Daniella Pilla – History – Migrant Hostels

    Sarah Gibson-Walker – Art History - The Visual Culture of Suffrage in Australia and New Zealand

    Jasmin Parasiers – History - Early Modern Sermons and Religious Culture

    Selina Kuo – History - Neither Bread Nor Cake: Ersatz Foods and The Spirit of Full Disclosure

    Virginia Baker – History - Science at the Interface: Community Engagement and The Promise and Transdisciplinarity

    Lisa Hunt – History - 'Blackboxing' Australian Science? Understanding Popular Perceptions of Science in Australia, 1939- 1963


    Adam Scorgie – History - Australia's Pivot from the UK to the USA in the Twentieth Century

    Lachlan McCarron – History - Politics and Emotion in Jacksonian America

    Alexander Pring – History - Roman Catholic Missions in the Americas and East Asia in English Anti-Catholic Discourse, 1558-1660

    Courtney Davis – History - Th evolution of memory politics in Scotland, 1979-2016

    Madeleine Sallis – History - Examination of the relationship between white settlers and the local Aboriginal population in the Cooper Creek region

    Robert Bartnik – History - Boleslaw Bierut and Stalinism in Poland, 1944-1956

    Emma Grimes – History - ‘A Floating Home’: The emotional lives of nineteenth-century emigrants voyaging to Australia

    Jade Ryles – History - The War at Home: Australian Children and their Families during World War II

    Benjamin Nicholls – History - The Piano and Colonisation in South Australia

    Elizabeth Bor – History - Responses to Bushfires in Colonial South Australia

    James Hurst – History - Two Australian colonists, the 2nd Life Guards and the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte: Private Thomas Playford and Lieutenant Richard Meares in England, Portugal, Spain, Belgium and France during the Peninsular Campaign and the Hundred Days.

    Recently Completed


    Lani Gerbi – History – Socio-sexual scripts and erotic literature in eighteenth-century Britain (MPhil) – under examination

    Claire Morey – History – “I will not maintain you”: Understanding men’s desertion and failure to provide as economic abuse in colonial South Australia (MPhil)

    David Chadwick – History – Hear the Lion Roar: Trade unionism at General Motors-Holden’s in South Australia, 1931-1981 (PhD)

    Jessica Jocher – History - The Solidarity Wave: Settlement Experiences and their Influence on the
    Identity of Polish Migrants Arriving in Australia During the 1980s (PhD)


    Linda Haines – History - The Bounty of the Suburbs. Home Food Production and Preservation in Adelaide Suburban Yards 1945-1995 (PhD)

    Emily Ireland – Law/History - Married Women’s Litigation in the English Court of Chancery, 1698-1758 (PhD)

    Stephanie Thomson – History - Women, Piety, and Patronage in Reformation England, c.1530-1558 (PhD)

    Jessica McCandless – History - Mysticism and Emotional transformation in a Seventeenth-Century English Convent (PhD)

    Thomas East – History - Anglo-American Responses to German War Technology in World War II (MPhil)

    Rachel Caines – History - "Their Glory Shall Not Be Blotted Out": The Acknowledgement of Indigenous First World War Service in Australian and New Zealand National Commemorations, 1918-2019 (MPhil)

    Rachel Harris – History - In a State of War: Women's Experiences of the South Australian Home Front, 1939-45 (PhD)

    Melissa-Ellen Dowling – History – Writing Russia: Anglophone Historians Discursively Constructing AnOther Nation (PhD)

    John Davey – History – Legalised Trade Unions, Compulsory Primary Schooling, Enhanced Higher Education - the Legacies of Anthony John Mundella, 1825-1897 (PhD)


    Margaret Boult – History -  Epilepsy in the Lunatic Asylums of South Australia (1852 – 1913) (MPhil)

    Emily Buddle – History - Australian Meat Consumers' Understandings of Farm Animal Welfare (PhD)

    David Milazzo – History - Commemorative Days and the Negotiation of National Identity (MPhil)

    Ralph Body – Art History - Behind the Scenes: Hans Heysen's Art World Networks (PhD)

    Susan Woodburn – Art History - Alexander Schramm (1813-64) and the Visual Representation of Aboriginal People in Mid-Nineteenth Century Colonial Australia (PhD)

    Nerina Dunt – Art History - Investigating the Aesthetic Character of Australian Urban Indigenous Art: A Socio-Political Fusion (PhD)


    Karen Agutter – History - More than Just a Roof over Their Heads: Migrant Accommodation Centres and the Assimilation of "New Australians" 1947-1960 (PhD)

    Tania Cammarano – History - Ideas of Italy and the Nature of Ethnicity: A History of Italian Food in Australia with Case Studies (PhD)

    Matthew Gray – History - 'Baptism, No Wall of Division': Seventeenth-Century Particular Baptists and Dynamics of Toleration (PhD)

    Jade Riddle – History - Emotions in Place: The Creation of the Suburban 'Other' in Early Modern London (PhD)


    Alexander Parsons – History - 'Everybody's Favourite Fascist': An Examination of the Figure of José Antonio Primo de Rivera within the Historiography of Spanish Fascism (PhD)

    Amy Morrison – History - Communist Women's Resistance in Occupied Paris: Engagement, Activism and Continuities from the 1930s to 1945 (PhD)

    Jennifer Caruso – History - Dream-Phantasy of a Utopia The Making of the Methodist Overseas Half-Caste Mission of Croker Island: A Personal History (PhD)

    Peter Whellum – History - The Administration of Justice in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands: A Front Line in Tensions between Traditional Aboriginal Culture and the Criminal Law (PhD)

    Stefania Chiro – History - For The Sentiment: Emotions as Practice in the Development of Eighteenth-Century British Abolitionism (PhD)

  • Media

    Current HDRs


    Anne Nattembo - Investigating Effectiveness of Social Networking Sites in Influencing Mental Health Promotion Among Young People

    Alexander Beare - Moments of crisis: Tracking 21st century masculinity through complex television

    Kari Seeley - Positioning Audio Description in Media Theory: an Australian Context

    Caitlin Adams - Media Mimicry - How fictional videos emulate user-generated content in online stories

    Amy Brierley - The Evolution of Romance in Digital Games

    Robert Boucat - ‘Oscar Bait’: exploring links between the perceived Oscar-worthy film and Academy Awards controversies.

    Marisol Da Silva - Household Experiences of Reducing Waste: Moving Towards Circular Economy Futures

    Sebastian Morrison - Non-Normative Gender Identity in the Australian Video Games Sector

    Philippa Dore - The Revolution Will Be Televised: Audio-visual content in the era of streaming and “peak TV”. An investigation of industry change, content trends, and globalisation post the digital revolution


    Sophia Fluin - A Multifaceted Perspective on Hallyu and its Impact on Ethnic Identity Amongst Asian-Australian Youths

    Idris Martin - Historical Memory and Malay Media

    Thanh Nguyen - Identity and belonging negotiation through social media during the process of integration among Vietnamese international students in Australia

    Recently Completed


    Sami Dannaoui - Design Cultures in Conflict: An Analysis of User Experience Design Standards in Social Media Smartphone Apps ( )

    Guillaume Vetu - Beyond the Tree of the Living-dead: a Rhizoanalysis of Japanese Cinematic Zombies ( )

    Muhammad Imran - Media Portrayal of Ageing: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Media Discourses in Australia and Malaysia (PhD)

    Rukia Nzibo - Reporting on Terror: Assessing the Viability of Peace Journalism in the Kenyan News Media (PhD)


    Ayodeji Aiyesimoju - Remediation or Replacement: Masthead Stakeholders' Perception of News Digitalisation in Nigeria (PhD)

    Amy Nancasrrow - The Art of Selling Arts: Marketing Culture Using Digital Media at Fringe Arts Festivals (PhD)

    Brigitte Everett - Temporal Passage: Dynamic Experiences and the B-theory (MPhil)

    Rebecca Randell - Beyond Dualism: The Challenge for Feminist Theory (MPhil)


    William McCarthy - Contested Kingdom: The Role of Online Media in the Relationship between Disney and Fans over Disneyland (PhD)

    Varunika Ruwanpura - Crafting true stories: an interpretation of four Australian journalists' nonfiction writing practices (MPhil)

    Linh Chung - South Australian Film-makers' Perspectives on Policies: State and Federal Film Policies and the Representation of Cultural Diversity in Australian Films (MPhil) Robert Farquharson - The Role of Analog Computation in Path Integrating Behaviour of the Desert Ant: A Defence of the Explanatory Credentials of Connectionism in Cognitive Science (MPhil)


    Robert Palmer - Adapting communication conventions: Helping vulnerable people in Adelaide learn about climate change and adaptation (PhD)

    Hongyan Zou - Western China on Screen: Cinema and Urban Exploration as Thirdspace (PhD)

  • Philosophy

    Current HDRs


    Dook Shepherd - Philosophical Theories of Mind, Cognition, and The Status of Representation: Veridicality and Combination in Biological Sciences

    Matthew Nestor - A Structuralist Account of Dynamical Mental Representation in Recurrent Connectionist Networks

    Victoria Vazquez Troitino - The Mind's Representing Vehicles and Their Contents ( Phil of Mind, Theories of thought)

    Patrick Keeley - Schopenhauer's Theory of Aesthetics


    James Vlachoulis - A Defence of the B-Theory of Time with Respect to Temporal Passage and Our Experience of Temporal Passage

    Riley Harris - Normative Uncertainty and Information Value

    Timothy Nailer - Praise, Blame and Holding Oneself Responsible

    Henry Phillips - To Blame or Not to Blame: Respect and the Ethics of Blame

    Nicholas Smyth – 17th/18th century philosophy

    Jessica Pohlmann - Reality's Hierarchical Structure: On the Foundations of Asymmetric Dependence Relations

    Margaret Penhall-Jones - Self-Deception and Wilful Ignorance. Self-induced, purported ignorance?

    Elinor Pryce - The Morality of Procreation and Our Duty to Rescue Others From Harm

    Anthony Bishop - Underdetermination and theoretical values

    Adam Townsend - Representation in Neural Networks

    Recently Completed


    Danny Wardle - Opening a Can of Spacetime Worms: The Metaphysics of Persistence

    Atheer Al-Khalfa - The Referential/Attributive Distinction: Its Status and Scope (MPhil)


    Michael Lazarou - Vindicating Vague Objects (MPhil)


    Robert Farquharson - The Role of Analog Computation in Path Integrating Behaviour of the Desert Ant: A Defence of the Explanatory Credentials of Connectionism in Cognitive Science (MPhil)


    Karen Bland - The Good, the Right and the Exigencies of Life: John Dewey and the Value of Moral Disagreement (PhD)