Research Celebratory morning tea


On November 10, a morning tea was held to congratulate and thank our researchers with recent success. The event was attended by both the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Hoj, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Anton Middleburg and Deputy Dean (Research), Professor Jodie Conduit.

ARC Success

Associate Professor Alec Zuo (SEPP) – ARC Future Fellowship “Quantifying the economic and social impacts of drought in rural Australia” $1,035,279

Associate Professor Sally May (Humanities) – ARC Future Fellowship “Painting Country: the life and legacy of western Arnhem Land rock painters” $969,982 (announced in an earlier round this year)

Mr Dylan Crismani, Dr Luke Dollman, Mr Grayson Rotumah (Elder Con) – ARC Indigenous Discovery “Fine Tuning: A Reconciliation of Indigenous and Western Musical Traditions” $1,032,900

Professor Megan Warin, Dr Tanya Zivkovic (Social Sciences) – ARC Linkage “Situating care: Addressing obesity in disadvantaged communities” $408,906

Associate Professor Joanna Howe (Law) – ARC Linkage “Undocumented Migrants- Unearthing Knowledge on a Key Source of Farm Labour” $163,988

Other Significant Success:

Professor Joanne Wallis (Social Sciences) - DSTG (Defence Science Technology Group) “In Relation to the Pacific Perspectives Project” $2,950,000

Dr Paul Monaghan (Humanities) - The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications “Mobile Language Team (SA)” - $1,950,000 & “Additional Investment for Indigenous Language Centres Under the Closing the Gap Implementation Plan” $155,000

Professor Chris Boyle (Education) – Emerging Priorities Program Grant $1,119,176

Professor Sarah Wheeler (SEPP) - CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) “Water Aquifer Recharge Project - Postdoc funding” $883,620

Dr Alexandra Peralta (Centre for Global Food and Resources) 2 ACIAR (Cat 1) Grants for a total of Total of $1,104,401 of funding as follows:

  1. Impact Assessment Seeds of Life Project in Timor Leste. $480,424 - 2022-2024.
  2. Building the evidence base on the impacts of mobile financial services for women and men in farming households in Laos and Cambodia (DiFF). $623,977 - 2022-2027.
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