Elder Conservatorium Music Theatre https://able.adelaide.edu.au/music/ en Stage legend directs student blondes https://able.adelaide.edu.au/music/news/list/2022/09/05/stage-legend-directs-student-blondes Fifteen years after Legally Blonde the Musical took Broadway by storm, the University of Adelaide’s Music Theatre class of 2022 will take on the smash hit, under the guidance of a stage legend. April 19 2023 Sarah Cervone https://able.adelaide.edu.au/music/news/list/2022/09/05/stage-legend-directs-student-blondes Music Theatre performance must go on https://able.adelaide.edu.au/music/news/list/2020/04/09/music-theatre-performance-must-go-on Music Theatre students at the University of Adelaide are adapting to online learning, performing together in class exercises from the ‘socially distant’ safety of their own homes. April 09 2020 Anneloes De Graeff https://able.adelaide.edu.au/music/news/list/2020/04/09/music-theatre-performance-must-go-on