Students develop problem-solving, collaboration, vocational and leadership skills through the Sia Furler Institute.

RCC Fringe Masterclass

The Sia Furler Institute for Creativity, Music and Media presents unique opportunities for students to engage with high profile artists as well as international executives and entrepreneurs with arts backgrounds and leaders from the Fringe Festival and Royal Croquet Club. Learn more.

Music for Media

Designed for would-be professional composers, the core of the Music for Media course is a series of hand-on workshops, giving students assignments in simulation of work they might be given on commercial projects, and emulating the iterative criticism and feedback they are likely to receive, with the goal of preparing them for the rigours of professional music production. The course will conclude with a discussion of best business practices and self-promotion strategies, giving students guidance toward their first steps on a journey into a career in music for media. Learn more.

Musicianship 3

Musicianship 3 explores various styles in relation to their key musical features. The careers component prepares students for a variety of music industry career options, and provides guidance in job and grant applications, the preparation of resumes and self-promotion. Learn more.

The Art of the Possible: Forging an Arts Career

Making a career in the arts depends on expanding the boundaries of the possible. This capstone course for the Bachelor of Creative Arts will equip students with some of the skills they will need to launch a career in their chosen field. Learn more.

Enquiring Mind

The Enquiring Mind, taught through the Faculty of Arts, introduces students to skills crucial to success at university, such as critical thinking and digital literacy, as well as creativity and innovation. Learn more.