The Art of the Possible: Forging an Arts Career

Making a career in the arts depends on expanding the boundaries of the possible.

This course teaches students how to leverage their creative skills in a fast-paced changing world by providing them an opportunity to execute an actual festival celebrating the creative outputs from students across the university such as music, media, creative writing, VR, among others. The Art of the Possible Festival was first launched in 2021 and received national recognition. Through real world challenges presented by putting together a festival, this course will equip students with some of the skills they will need to launch a career in their chosen field. Students will learn to work in broad cross-functional teams and learn leadership and entrepreneurial skills as well as production, marketing etc skills in the process of producing the festival.  The course also features guest presenters from creative industries including leadership, management, marketing, social networks, design, digital asset management etc to help guide students through their journey and to gain insights about working in the creative arts.

Hear Professor Tom Hajdu and former student Hussain Chaudry talk about 'The Art of the Possible'.