Image courtesy of National Archives of Australia. NAA: A1200, L53446.

Cars on the GMH assembly line, South Australia, 1964 (Image courtesy of National Archives of Australia. NAA: A1200, L53446.)

Are you a former Holden worker? Have you got a story to tell about your working life? Do you want to ensure the histories of those who worked at Holden’s factories are preserved for future generations? Share your story with us!​

We are researching the history of GM-Holden’s manufacturing operations in South Australia and Victoria from the point of view of its workers. Our aim is to record the history of working life at GM-Holden from the end of World War Two to the closure of the last plant at Elizabeth in October 2017.

We will be interviewing 100 former employees who performed a variety of roles in Holden’s factories during this period. The interviews will be used by the research team to produce written histories and exhibitions. They will then be archived at the National Library of Australia and, subject to any conditions imposed by each interviewee, made available for future researchers and members of the public.

Interested in being interviewed? Find out about the project, or begin the process to share your story.