Department of Media

The Department of Media combines industry focus, theoretical strength and internationally significant research to equip graduates with skills and advanced knowledge across a range of media forms.

As well as drawing on the world-class research of academic staff in areas including social media, film, immersive media, design, journalism and games, the Department works with industry to combine knowledge and application.

  • Our teaching

    You can study Media as a stand-alone degree, part of a double degree or a major in another degree. Students in the Media degree have a range of major options to choose from – including Immersive Media, Social Media and Digital Promotion, Marketing, Journalism, Film Studies, Photographic Imaging, Visual Design and Story Production. Majors in Popular Music or Sonic Arts are also options. Or you can enrol in the degree without nominating a major, and select from the wide range of electives available to put together a program that best suits your interests.

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  • Our people

    Academic Staff



    Dr William Andrade

    Lecturer in Media

    Research and teaching expertise in 3D modelling, 2D and 3D animation, film, animation, and game history, digital media, and creative industries.

    Dr Saira Ali

    Lecturer in Media 

    Program Director, Master of Media (Strategic Communication)

    Teaching and research expertise in strategic communication; digital media; mediatisation of risk, security and othering; journalistic practices, terrorism/counterterrorism and censorship.

    Dr Kim Barbour

    Senior Lecturer in Media

    Director of Gender Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Faculty of Arts

    Student Support Academic Mentor

    Research and teaching expertise in persona studies, media and communication studies, online identity, social media, qualitative methods, and popular culture.

    Dr Kathryn Bowd

    Director Work Integrated Learning, Faculty of Arts

    Postgraduate Coordinator

    Research and teaching expertise in journalism, particularly journalism practice and non-metropolitan media

    Dr John Budarick

    Senior Lecturer in Media

    Research and teaching expertise in media theory, media and migration and racism, with focus on journalism.

    Mr Steve Cook

    Senior Lecturer in Media

    Program Coordinator, Master of Immersive Media Technologies
    Head, Realities Extended
    Student Support Academic Mentor

    Research and teaching expertise in mobile ubiquitous platforms, Virtual/Mixed/Augmented Realities (VR, MR and AR), and applied SVEs (Shared Virtual Environments)

    Dr Aaron Humphrey

    Lecturer in Media and Digital Humanities

    Research and teaching expertise in digital design and visual communication. Particular expertise in comics and graphic narratives, multimodal communication and user experience design

    Dr Michelle Phillipov

    Head of Department

    Research and teaching expertise in food media, screen and sound industries, and work-cultures and practices

    Associate Professor Peter Pugsley

    Associate Professor - Reader in Media

    Research and teaching expertise in Asian media cultures, particularly Asian film.

    Mr Darren Taljaard

    Lecturer in Media

    Research and teaching expertise in graphic design, design fundamentals, digital storytelling, visual communication, and typography.

    Dr Guillaume Vétu Adjunct Fellow
    Dr Victoria Fielding Lecturer in Strategic Communication
  • Our research

    The Department of Media's research spans a wide range of media-focused areas.

    All academic staff within the Department are active researchers whose research contributes to their teaching as well as to the broader body of knowledge in their areas. Department staff have national and international research profiles in their individual fields of expertise, and most are actively engaged with industry.

    Broad research fields within the Department include screen and sound industries, popular culture, immersive media, journalism, visual communication, social media, film, digital games, Asian screen media, persona studies, diaspora and migrant media, and user experience design.

    Further adding to the research profile of the Department are higher degree students who are undertaking PhD and Research Masters research projects on a wide variety of media-related topics.


Major/Minors and Study Plans

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The Sia Furler Institute for Contemporary Music and Media

The Institute was founded in 2017, by the University’s Elder Conservatorium of Music.

It was inspired by the spirit and work of Sia Furler, one of Australia’s most influential modern-day creative forces. You can study a music major through the institute. 

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