In little over 100 years, the art of moving pictures has completely transformed the way we see, think, act, and dream.


Whether it is the latest Hollywood blockbuster, an arthouse feature from Sweden, a political fable from Hong Kong, or an indigenous documentary out of the Brazilian rainforest, a film can work on our senses and emotions like few other artforms. Film Studies at the University of Adelaide will equip you with the analytic and interpretive skills necessary to evaluate your cinematic experiences, to place them in historical and political contexts, and to share your love for them with others. Our expertise spans Asian cinema, French cinema, Hollywood, alternative and independent cinema, non-fiction and essayistic cinema, political and feminist cinema, adaptation, and various other interests in what has been the dominant global artform for a century or more. We are passionate about what we do, and we want you to be too.

  • Our teaching

    The Department of English, Creative Writing and Film offers a large range of undergraduate courses. Our introductory first-year course will familiarize you with many of the most important skills in analysing and interpreting works of cinema. At senior level, we allow depth and range in the following areas: Asian Film Studies, Adaptation, Documentary Cinema, Europe on Screen, French Cinema, Hollywood, WWII on Film, Script-Writing, Stardom and Performance, Film Aesthetics, Approaches to Cinema, and the films of the legendary Stanley Kubrick. There is a special course associated with the Adelaide Film Festival each year, and we are introducing an Honours year to encourage the highest level of academic achievement in the discipline. Come and sample what it is like to really look (and listen) closely at a movie … and stay for the major in Film Studies!

  • Our People

    Name Role
    Professor Julian Murphet Jury Chair of English Language and Literature
    Head of Department of English, Creative Writing and Film
    Professor Patrick Flanery Chair of Creative Writing
    Postgraduate Coordinator
    Associate Professor Mandy Treagus Associate Professor
    Associate Professor Benjamin Mc Cann Associate Lecturer in Film Studies
    Associate Professor Peter Pugsley Associate Professor, Coordinator Film Honours, reader in media
    Associate Professor Vesna Drapac Associate Lecturer in Film Studies
  • Our Research

    The Department of English, Creative Writing and Film has a truly vibrant research culture, and contributes world-class academic monographs, research papers, and related outputs in many areas.

    We welcome all inquiries to study with us at postgraduate as well as undergraduate levels in Film Studies. Currently, staff in the Department are actively researching and publishing in the following areas: film performance styles, Stanley Kubrick and gender, race in film, melodrama, the essay film, South African cinema, American independent cinema, the work of Luca Guadagnino, cinema and logistics, and many other research topics.


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