Funded Research

The School of Humanities has a strong track record of successfully winning competitive funding to support our research. In particular, many of our staff have won funding from the Australian Research Council for various projects.

Please note that only investigators from within the School of Humanities are listed. Full information about grants, including involvement of additional investigators, can be found on individual staff research profiles.

David Rafferty. “How Republics Die: Rome’s democratic breakdown in the first century BCE”. Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA). 2022-2024.

Rob Amery. “Nyingarn. A platform for primary sources in Australian languages”. Australian Research Council Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) Scheme. 2021-2024.

Rachel Ankeny. “Training Centre for Accelerated Future Crop Development”. Australian Research Council Industrial Transformation Training Centre. 2022-2026.

Mandy Treagus and Meg Samuelson. “Between Indian and Pacific Oceans: Reframing Australian Literatures”. Australian Research Council Special Research Initiative (SRI) scheme. 2021-2024.

Rachel Ankeny. “Developing an Evidence-Based Model for Building Trust in Australian Stem Cell Research and Therapies”. Medical Research Future Fund Stem Cells Therapies Mission. 2021-2023.

Amanda Nettelbeck. “Envisaging Australian Citizenship”. Australian Research Council Discovery Project. 2021-2023.

Completed Projects

Paul Monaghan. “Botaruwutj”. First Languages Australian Project Grant. 2021.

Paul Monaghan. “Reclaiming the language ecology of the River Murray and Mallee region”. Yitpi Foundation Research Awards. 2021.

Paul Monaghan. “Audrey’s Country: Documenting country, culture and Lower Southern Arrente language revival at Macumba, SA”. Yitpi Foundation Research Awards (2021).

Robert Foster, John Carty & Amanda Nettelbeck. “Reconciling with the Frontier”. Australian Research Council Linkage Project. 2020-2023.

Antony Eagle. “Everything in its Place: Location, Persistence, and Change”. Australian Research Council Discovery Project. 2020-2022.

Rachel Ankeny. “Community/Consumer and Producer Attitudes toward Gene Editing in Red Meat”. Meat and Livestock Australia Project Grant. 2020-2021.

Steven Cook. “Use of virtual reality music and movement tool to improve pain and rehabilitation outcomes in a population with currently poor outcomes”. Northern Adelaide Local Health Network Innovation Program. 2020 (ongoing).

Steven Cook. “How use of information systems impacts interaction with the environment”. Defence Innovation Partnerships Scheme. 2020 (ongoing).

Katie Barclay. “Inheriting the Family: Emotions, History, Heritage”. Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK). 2019-2022.

Katie Barclay. “Precarious Accounts: Money, Sex and Power in the Industrial Revolution”. Australian Research Council Discovery Project. 2019-2021.

Natalie Edwards. “Transnational Selves: French Narratives of Migration to Australia”. Australian Research Council Discovery Project. 2019-2021.

Philip Gerrans. “Philosophical Implications of Psychedelic Psychiatry”. Australian Research Council Discovery Project. 2019-2021.

Julian Murphet. “Rioting and the Literary Archive”. Australian Research Council Discovery Project. 2019-2021.

Steven Cook. “Biometrics and VR for Situational Awareness”. Australian Government. 2019 (ongoing).

Rosslyn Prosser. “LGBTQ Migrations: Life Story Narratives in the South Australian GLAM Sector”. Australian Research Council Linkage Project. 2018-2021.

Steven Cook. “VR Surgery Simulation Project”. Artificial Environment Simulations. 2018 (ongoing).

Completed Projects

Jennifer Clark and Paul Sendziuk. “People, Places and Promise: Social Histories of Holden in Australia”. Australian Research Council Linkage Project. 2018-2020.

Michelle Phillipov. “Media Messages about Sustainable Seafood: How Do Media Influences Affect Consumer Attitudes”. Fisheries Research & Development Corporation. 2018-2020.

Lisa Mansfield. “The Italian Wars, 1494-1559”. Australian Research Council Discovery Project. 2018-2020.

Katie Barclay and Jenni Caruso. “Oral Histories of Stolen Generations”. South Australian Stolen Generations Community Reparation Fund. 2018.

Rob Amery. Kaurna Language Breaking New Ground: Commonwealth Government, Indigenous Languages & the Arts. 2017-2022.

Ghil’ad Zuckerman. “Examining the impact of language reclamation on social and emotional wellbeing among the Barngarla”. National Health and Medical Research Council Project Grant. 2017-2021.

Completed Projects

Jorge Fernandez. “The Ownership of Minds”. Australian Research Council Future Fellowship. 2017-2020.

Rob Amery. “Towards Sustainable Language Revival: a critical analysis of Kaurna”. Australian Research Council Discovery Project. 2017-2019.

Completed Projects

Rachel Ankeny. “Organisms and Us: How Living Things Help Us to Understand Our World”. Australian Research Council Discovery Project. 2016-2019.

Paul Sendziuk. “Volunteers in Crisis: Analysing Responses to HIV/AIDS in Australia”. Australian Research Council Discovery Project. 2016-2018.

Paul Monaghan. “Mobile Language Team (MLT) Phase Three”. Australian Government Attorney General’s Department – Indigenous Languages and Arts. 2015-2022.

Jennifer McMahon. “Taste and Community”. Australian Research Council Discovery Project. 2015-2021.

Completed Projects

Amanda Nettelbeck. “Intimacy and Violence in Anglo-Pacific Rim Settler Colonial Societies, 1830-1930”. Australian Research Centre Discovery Project. 2015-2018.