The Museum of Classical Archaeology

The Museum of Classical Archaeology has more than 1700 items on display, making it the largest collection of artefacts from ancient Greece and Rome in South Australia. 

museum of archaeology

The Museum of Classical Archaeology comprises the teaching collection of the Department of Classics, Archaeology and Ancient History. Our archaeology students are able to study this material first hand in select Classics courses and through the Faculty's internship program for undergraduates. The Director of the Museum is Dr Margaret O’Hea

Artefacts include glass, pottery and metalware from Minoan Crete to Hellenistic Greek cities in Southern Italy; from Etruscan Italy to the Roman provinces of Britain, Gaul and Egypt. We also house a representative collection of Egyptian material - mostly Late Period-Hellenistic - and artefacts from published archaeological excavations in Jordan and Iraq. Our Egyptian collection includes some papyri and also a woven textile fragment from the Late Roman period.

Visit us

The Museum is open to the general public on the first Tuesday of every month (excluding December and January), between 11.00am - 3.00pm.

Please note, the Museum is temporarily closed until further notice. We look forward to updating this information soon. 

We welcome all visitors to the Museum during this time, but please note large bags, strollers etc may not be taken into the Museum. Photography is only allowed for personal use, without a flash or a tripod.

School visits

We welcome school groups to visit and enjoy all of our artefacts. 

Please note we cannot take school bookings on the first Tuesday of the month. The cost is $66 per group and due to limited space, the maximum of any group size is 15 people on rotation.

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Join The Friends of the Museum of Classical Archeology (FMCA)

Since its expansion in the late 1980s from a small departmental cabinet collection to a large display of more than 1700 items, the Museum has been supported by a charity, The FMCA. This organisation funds an outreach programme of public lectures every year. Membership is fully tax-deductible. 

If you are interested in joining the FMCA, renewing your subscription or making a tax-deductible donation to the Museum, please email Margaret O'Hea.