Creative Revolutionaries

Creative Revolutionaries is an ongoing series of presentations by local, national and international visionary cultural creatives driving change through innovation.

Jon Lemon in Conversation with Troy Sincock

November 12, 2020

Jon Lemon is one of the most experienced live sound engineers in the music industry. Since the 80s, he has worked with some of the greatest musicians of the 20th and 21st century. Troy Sincock has almost 30 years experience as a leader, visionary, content creator, DJ and presenter. Troy established one of the first electronic music programs on Adelaide radio in 1992 and then went on to become General Manager of Fresh 92.7 for 10 years.

Hip-hop: A Culture, Not Just A Dance (feat. Poe-One and Freak Nation Crew)

November 6, 2020

Creative Revolutionaries, the Sia Furler Institute and the Elder Conservatorium at the University of Adelaide are proud to present Poe One and Adelaide’s own Freak Nation Crew for a Q&A session on the deep roots, meaning, and significance of hip-hop culture and its relevance in today’s world. 

About the revolution

Ideas are the fuel powering the economies of tomorrow.

It's no longer enough to be smart or agile—you must also be creative. Designers are getting hired as CEOs of venture capital firms. Entrepreneurs are launching successful companies using only their smartphones, Instagram, and a hot idea. NASA employs artists to help figure out how to get us to Mars. This is the future, and if you're not creative, you're getting left behind. 

Creative Revolutionaries is an ongoing series of presentations by some of the most fiercely visionary cultural creatives driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Local, national and international leaders share their perspectives on opportunities unfolding before our eyes. 

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