Disciplines of Classics, Archaeology and ancient history

Study with us, and gain all the fundamentals you need to understand the history of the classical world (ancient Greece and Rome), their languages, literature, art and architecture, religions and ideas. 


We focus on developing your skills in building evidence-based arguments (in ancient history and archaeology),  understanding and unpacking ancient texts in translation, and developing your own linguistic skills through learning Latin.

We begin with two courses introducing you to the basics of ancient history and of Greek and Roman literature. Continue with more specialised historical courses about democratic Athens, Republican and Imperial Rome. Trace the evolution of Roman identity and culture through archaeology - including an opportunity to visit Rome and Pompeii. Learn some Latin; or study how Latin and Greek still influence scientific language. Explore  how literature expressed emotions in Greece and Rome. Broaden your interests by exploring the role and meanings of classical myths,  how the ancient Mediterranean world viewed death and afterlife, and the impact of Christianity upon the Roman empire.

Museum of Classical Archaeology

The Museum of Classical Archaeology is the largest collection of artefacts from ancient Greece and Rome on display in South Australia.

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