Find Your Family

Are you looking for more specific information about family or friends who migrated to Australia and stayed in hostels? Project team member Dr Karen Agutter has assembled a guide on how to use state and national archives to research your own hostel story.

Finding Your Family in the Hostel by Dr Karen Agutter

This brief guide is intended to help those of you who are trying to find out more about your family members who came as Post-World War Two migrants to Australia and stayed in hostels. It is based on my own research within archives and libraries around Australia on this topic and is not, by any means, a definitive guide.
Archive and library staff are always available to help you with individual searches and are wonderful teachers and resources so always seek their help. The archives also run regular information sessions and events such as Shake Your Family Tree to help researcher learn more about their holdings and how to access them.
At the end of this document you can also find some useful links and a list of the limited published works currently available on the migrant hostels in Australia.

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