Department of Anthropology and Development Studies

The Department of Anthropology and Development Studies is concerned with issues of social and cultural difference, inequality, vulnerability, risk, exclusion and social justice.


The study of Anthropology is concerned with fostering a better understanding social and cultural difference. Development Studies, as well as Peace and Conflict Studies, have emerged out of a concern to examine why some countries are less socially and economically developed than others or suffer from protracted periods of conflict and instability.

  • Our teaching

    The Department of Anthropology and Development Studies offer a range of programs, including a Bachelor of International Development as well as majors in Anthropology and International Development, as well as postgraduate and honours degree options.

    Anthropology can be studied as a major, minor, or individual elective course.

    International Development can be studied as an undergraduate degree, a major, minor or individual elective course.

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  • Our people

    Name Role
    Dr Georgina Drew Head of Department
    Senior Lecturer
    Dr Alison Dundon Senior Lecturer
    Professor John Gray Emeritus Professor
    Dr Susan Hemer Senior Lecturer
    Dr Dianne Rodger Senior Lecturer
    Undergraduate Discipline Advisor, Anthropology
    Honours Convenor, Anthropology
    Professor Andrew Skuse Professor
    Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Bachelor of International Development
    Dr Thomas Wanner Senior Lecturer
    Undergraduate Discipline Advisor, International Development
    Honours Convenor, International Development
  • Our research

    The Department of Anthropology and Development Studies work across a range of themes of relevance to our concern for highlighting social and cultural difference, as well as aspects of inequality, vulnerability and risk.

    We are actively engaged in teaching and research that promotes greater understanding of the complex social and cultural worlds in which we engage.

    Our research has been undertaken in a wide range of countries, including: Australia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, Ethiopia, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Malawi, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Samoa, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tonga, Uganda, Vanuatu and Vietnam. We work with a wide range of national and international organisations, including: AusAID/DFAT, Australian Civil-Military Centre, Cardno Emerging Markets, Coffey International, European Union, Mott MacDonald, MTV EXIT, Nike Foundation, OECD, South Australian Government, UK Department for International Development, UNDP, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNRISD, World Bank.

  • Our Publications

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  • Our HDR's

    Name Topic Degree
    Bridie Meyer-McLean Grassroots Social Resistance Movements: The Influence of Conflict Narratives in Relation to Mining Policy Development in Australia and the United Kingdom PhD
    Briony Erin Lynette Kate Morrison The F... is Goth Anyway: Classification, Dynamic Practice and Goth in Adelaide PhD
    Bronwyn Jayne Hall Becoming well in Kerala: marked and unmarked spacetimes of everyday Ayurveda PhD
    Derrick Martin Adjei Sowa Exploring the Nexus Between Corporate Environmental Responsibility and Regulatory Oversight in Ghana's Upstream Petroleum Industry PhD
    Gail Yvonne Wright To Make Their Journey Back to Nature: Zoo Captivity and Post / Humanism PhD
    Hanna Jagtenberg Out of South Africa and Into Australia: The Afrikaners' Quest for Belonging in a Post-apartheid World PhD
    Jerome Jeffison Yaw Ofori Mining, Power and Sustainable Development: Micro-Politics of Benefits Sharing in Ghana PhD
    Johnny Damien Karanicolas Art and Crisis on the Streets of Athens PhD
    Meagan Rosaghna Magnusson State Power and Environmental NGOs in South Australia: Moving Towards a Sustainable Society? MPhil
    Paul Henry Chambers People, Platforms, Practice: The Social Mediation of Electronic Music Production PhD
    Rachel Massey The Anthropology of Folk Festivals PhD
    Rahwa Gebremedhine Kidane Smallholder Farmers' Perceptions of Climate Change, Vulnerability and Adaptation in the Context of Multiple Factors in the Tigray region of Ethiopia PhD
    Terese Geraghty Built for Extraction: Dependence, Sovereignty and Development in Timor-Leste PhD


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