Politics and International Relations Association (PIRA)

The Politics and International Relations Association (PIRA) is the representative body for students and graduates in the Department of Politics & International Relations.

It organises a range of social, career-focused and academic activities to enhance the learning experience and facilitate stronger ties within the community. PIRA hosts a range of guest speakers including academics from across the globe, international relations and foreign policy professionals, ambassadors, and government officials.

PIRA is led by the executive committee:

  • President - Steph Madigan
  • Vice President - Flynn Wedd
  • Journal Editor-in-chief - Clare Flaherty
  • Secretary - Samoda Silva
  • Treasurer - Robert Van Gorp
  • Media - Harry Passehl
  • General Executive Member - Alicia Turner

Each October PIRA holds an AGM where the following year’s executive is elected.

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  • Illustratio: The Adelaide Journal of Politics and International Relations

    Illustratio: The Adelaide Journal of Politics and International Relations is an undergraduate student-run journal, managed and published by PIRA.
    Illustratio is a peer-reviewed journal showcasing high-quality undergraduate work in the areas of politics and international relations. It seeks to provide emerging writers and scholars a forum for lively, yet informed, debates about the conceptual and practical issues that are central to international relations while encouraging original innovative perspectives. 
    Each issue of Illustratio focuses on a specific theme within politics and international relations. Papers are sourced periodically through a call for papers. 


    • Clare Flaherty

    Editorial Board

    • Abby Oakey
    • Emily Conroy
    • Hibra Qureshi
    • Oceah Davis
    • Adrian Hutabarat

    For enquiries, please contact the Editorial Committee at illustratio@adelaide.edu.au

  • Past issues of Illustratio