About the Project

Australian sea lion - photography - Carl Charter

Australian marine parks, located within First Nation Sea Countries, are home to many fabulous marine species – including the ‘Fab Five’ – Australian sea lions, giant Australian cuttlefish, white sharks, southern right whales and white-bellied sea eagles. Did you know that South Australian waters are home to more than 80% of all Australian sea lions? Or that up to a quarter of a million giant Australian cuttlefish migrate to South Australia to breed each year?

However, these wonders are underwater - making them hard to see...

A team of researchers at the University of Adelaide are working with scientists, school groups, First  Nations' and tour operators to help people see these magical sights and highlight the important relationship between marine parks and the Fab Five species!

Using the 'Fab Five' we are delivering education packages and creating artwork with schools groups to explore ways to engage communities with marine parks. We are working with tour operators to build digital story maps to help promote their business and protect their values; and with Indigenous people and artists to learn from their knowledge of Sea Country and these fabulous species.

Marine parks are essential in conserving marine habitats, and the charismatic marine species that rely on these environments.

Southern right whale - Darryl Cowan

Photography: Carl Charter and Darryl Cowan