Funded Projects

The School of Social Sciences has a strong track record of successfully winning competitive funding to support our research. Our staff frequently secure Category 1-4 from Australian and overseas funders.

  • Commenced 2022

    Baker, Emma, Beer, A, Bentley, Daniel, Lyrian, et al. An Australian Rental Housing Conditions Data Infrastructure. ARC LIEF Project (2022-2025).

    Baker, Emma. Coffee, N., Lange, J., Somwrita, S., and Daniel, Lyrian. Projecting Australia’s urban and regional futures; population dynamics, regional mobility, and planning responses. AHURI Grant (2022-2024).

    Baum, Fran. Restoring the Fair Go: which policies and practices are likely to reverse growing health inequities in Australia post-COVID-19? NHMRC Investigator Fellowship (2022-2026).

    Broad, J., Barnes, D., and Hill, Lisa. Toward a Female Stoic Tradition: Women’s Writings in England, 1600-1800. ARC Discovery Project (2022-2025). Externally led by Monash University.

    Nursey-Bray, Melissa Pathways for Indigenous and Western knowledge into Environmental Policy, ARC Future Fellowship (2022-2025).

  • Commenced 2021

    Baker, Emma, Daniel, Lyrian, et al. A data-driven policy roadmap for the rental sector in post-pandemic Australia. AHURI Grant (2021-2022).

    Baker, Emma, Bentley, R., Daniel, Lyrian, et al. Evidence for action on cold, damp and mould in Australian homes. NHMRC Ideas Grant (2021-2024). Externally led by the University of Melbourne.

    Baker, Emma, Coffee, N., et al. A national eInfrastructure for high-resolution population spatial modelling. ARC LIEF Project (2022-2025). Externally led by the University of Canberra.

    Baker, Emma, Daniel, Lyrian, et al. Large-scale housing retrofit: opportunities and solutions for social housing. AHURI Inquiry (2021-2022).

    Baker, Emma, Daniel, Lyrian, et al. The impact of the pandemic on the Australian rental sector. AHURI Inquiry (2021).

    Baker, Emma, et al. ALIVE National Centre for Mental Health Research. NHMRC Special Initiatve in Mental Health Grant (2021-2026). Externally led by the University of Melbourne.

    Baker, Emma, et al. Inquiry into housing in a circular economy. AHURI Inquiry (2021). Externally led by RMIT.

    Drew, Georgina, et al. Addressing Social and Ecological Constraints to Expand Marine Restoration. ARC Linkage Project (2021-2024).

    Drew, Georgina and Bardsley, Doug. Hydrosocial Adaptations to Water Risk in Australian Agriculture. ARC Discovery Project (2021-2024).

    Hill, Lisa and Praino, R. Understanding and Addressing Informal Voting in Australia. ARC Linkage Project (2021-2024).

    Michell, Dee, Musgrove, N. Care Leaver Activism & Advocacy – From Deficit Models to Survivor Narratives. ARC Discovery Project (2021

  • Commenced 2020

    Allen, Margaret, Haggis, J. et al. ‘Slow digitisation’, community heritage and the objects of Martindale Hall. ARC Special Initiative Grant (2020-2023). Externally led by Flinders University.

    Baker, Emma, Bentley R., Beer, A., and Daniel, Lyrian. COVID-19 rapid rental insights module. AHURI Grant (2020).

    Baker, Emma, Bentley, R., Daniel, Lyrian, et al. NHMRC Healthy Housing Centre for Research Excellence. NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence (2020-2025).

    Baker, Emma, Daniel, Lyrian, et al. Precarious housing, housing assistance and wellbeing: a multi-dimensional investigation. AHURI Inquiry (2020-2021). Externally led by Curtin University.

    Baker, Emma, Daniel, Lyrian. Warm, cool and energy-affordable housing policy solutions for low-income renters. AHURI Inquiry (2020).

    Baum, Fran, W Anderson; T Freeman, V Lewis, T Mackean, C MacDougall, K Osborne, D Legge. A History of Community Health in Australia. ARC Special Initiative Round 2 (2020).

    Legrand, Tim, Jarvis, Lee. The Proscription of Terrorist Organisations in Illiberal States. ARC Discovery Project (2020-2022).

    Wallis, Joanne. Operation of the Australian-New Zealand Alliance. ARC Discovery Project (2020-2024).

    Zivkovic, Tanya, Critical Conversations: An Ethnographic Study of Australian Organ Donation. ARC Future Fellowship (2020-2024).

  • Commenced 2019

    Baker, Emma et al. Closing the housing gap: a spotlight on intergenerational inequalities. ARC Discovery Project (2019-2021). Externally led by the University of Melbourne.

    Baker, Emma et al. Housing energy efficient transitions. ARC Linkage Project (2019-2022). Externally led by RMIT.

    Baker, Emma, Daniel, Lyrian, et al. An Australian rental housing conditions data infrastructure. ARC Linkage Infrastructure (2019-2020).

    Baum, Fran, T Delany-Crowe, H van Eyk, T Freeman, C MacDougall, M Fisher, C Musolino, M McGreevy, J Craig, P Phillips (Chief Medical Officer). Healthy South: Testing the feasibility of the rapid translation of Health in All Policies (HiAP) ideas to create healthy urban environments, create health promoting health services and stem the non-communicable disease epidemic in the southern area of Adelaide. MRFF Rapid Applied Research Translation for Health Impact Grant Scheme (2019).

    Warin, Megan et al. Epigenetic Charisma: The Politics of Epigenetic Hope and Hype in Australia. ARC Discovery Project (2019-2022).

    Warin, Megan et al. Risk, Trust and Socio-economic Status: Understanding middle-aged women’s responses to alcohol/breast cancer risks. ARC Discovery Project (2019-2022).

  • Commenced 2018

    Baker, Emma, Daniel, Lyrian, et al.. Social housing exits, outcomes and future pathways. AHURI Inquiry (2018-2019).

    Baker, Emma, Leishman, Chris. Audit of South Australia’s current housing assets and mapping of future demand. AHURI Inquiry (2018-2019).

    Baum, Fran, T. Freeman, T. Mackean, J. Sherwood (USyd), A. Ziersch, D. Askew (UQ), A. Browne (UBC, Canada), J. Dwyer, M. Kidd. Assessing health outcomes of decolonising practices in Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander primary health care organisations. NHMRC Project Grant (2018-2023).

    Johnson, Carol. In the frame: Analysing Liberal and Labour government gender equality policy. ARC Discovery Project (2018-2022).

    Mackean, T., Baum, Fran, A. Wilson, E. Willis, J. Kelly, K. Taylor, (SAHMRI), C. Hunter (The George Institute for Global Health), K. O’Donnell (RECOGNISE).  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers’ and Liaison Officers’ role in quality acute health care services. NHMRC Project Grant (2018-2022).

  • Commenced 2017

    Allen, Margaret, Haggis, J., Paisley, F., Midgley, C. Beyond Empire: transnational religious networks & liberal cosmopolitanisms. ARC Discovery Project (2017-2022).

    Brewer, Russell. Becoming delinquent online: A longitudinal adolescent study. ARC Discovery Project (2017-2020).

    Tan, Yan et al. Transnationalism and diaspora: Enhancing demography’s contributions to migration and development. ARC Discovery Project (2017-2022).

    Zivkovic, Tanya et al. Investigating the Inclusion of Vulnerable Populations in Advance Care Planning: Developing Complex and Sensitive Public Policy. NHMRC Partnership Project (2017-2021).

  • Commenced 2016

    Baum, Fran. Policy orientation of non-health sectors to social determinants of health. ARC Discovery Project (2016-2019).

    Drew, Georgina. Water Harvesting and the Cultural Politics of Resource Equity. ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award (2016-2019).

    Wallis, Joanne. Australian interventions in the Pacific Islands. ARC Discovery Project (2016-2022).

    Warin, Megan et al. Improving nutrition and health outcomes for women and babies in the Aboriginal Family Birthing Program. NHMRC Project. (2016-2022).

  • Commenced 2015

    Baker, Emma. Improving the health and wellbeing of poorly housed Australians: understanding and responding to multiple housing deficit. ARC Future Fellowship (2015-2019).

    Baum, Fran. NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence on Social Determinants of Health Equity. NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence (2015-2020).

    Warin, Megan. Food/Body encounters: new approaches and alternative solutions to obesity prevention and policy. ARC Future Fellowship (2015-2019).


  • Commenced 2021

    Baum, Fran. Development of new grant application and rapid evidence review, Wellbeing SA Health in all Policy Models (2021).

    Baum, Fran. Urban Planning and Health Research, Wellbeing SA (2021).

    Dowling, Melissa-Ellen. Modelling Digital Ideological Extremism. National Intelligence Postdoctoral Grant, Office of National Intelligence (2021-2023).

    Michell, Dee, et al. Care Experience & Culture Digital Archive, Welland Trust UK (2021). Externally led by Southhampton University.

    Nursey-Bray, Melissa. Normalising climate change communications for coastal communities, Victoria, Coasts and Marine Planning Group, State Government of Victoria (2021).

    Nursey-Bray, Melissa. Southern Remarkable Tourism Project, Legatus Group (2021).

    Nursey-Bray, Melissa. Wellbeing in regions. Legatus Group (2021).

    Skuse, Andrew and Khurana, A. Foster social acceptance of future fuels in Australia, ARC Future Fuels Cooperative Research Centre Project Agreement (2021-2024).

    Warin, Megan, Chao Sophie, Beasley, Chris, From Theory to Practice: Leveraging Feminist Approaches to Care at a Time of Crisis, Academy of Social Sciences Australia Workshop Grant (2021-2022).

  • Commenced 2020

    Baum, Fran, J Popay, R Labonte, M Kidd, T Freeman, H Gesewe, M Fisher, S Friel, E Miller, C Musolino. Do Punching Above Weight Countries respond better to pandemic? World Bank (2020-2021).

    Brewer, Russell. Adolescent pathways into cybercrime: Assessing the impact of interventions and informing prevention. ARC Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre Project Agreement (2020-2021).

    Brewer, Russell. Biosecurity surveillance of e-commerce and other online platforms for illegal trade in plants, Centre for Invasive Species Solutions (2020).

    Legrand, Tim, Pijovic, Nikola. Cyber Security in the Anglosphere. ARC Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre Project Agreement (2020-2021).

    Nursey-Bray, Melissa. Finding the Fab Five! Enhancing community values and marine protected areas. Commonwealth Government MPA program (2020-2022).

    Nursey-Bray, Melissa. Reconciliation in Regions. Legatus Group (2020).

    Wallis, Joanne. Potential of a Networked Security Architecture in the Pacific Islands. Defence Strategic Policy Grant (2020-2022).

    Wanner, Thomas. Personalising Student Experience through Personal Learning Plans: Understanding student approaches to learning. Higher Education Research and Development Society Australasia (HERDSA) Grant (2020).

    Warin, Megan, et al. The Care Project – Improving the wellbeing of older Kaurna and Ngarrindjeri women. RACGP Foundation Grant (2020-2021).

  • Commenced 2019

    Bardsley, Doug. Responding to agricultural risk in Germany and Australia, Research Stay for University Academics and Scientists, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart. German Academic Exchange Service (DAAC) Award (2019-2020).

    Baum, Fran, M Fisher, E Miller, F Haigh, N Freudenberg. Methods to assess the health impact of Australian alcohol companies: a pilot study of corporate health impact, Flinders Foundation Health Seed Research Grant (2019-2021).

    Brewer, Russell. Developing automated audio and facial recognition biometric tools for detecting child exploitation material online. Australian Institute of Criminology (2019).

    Browne-Yung, K., R Walker, Baum, Fran, V Cornell. Single middle-aged women in private rental housing: preventing homelessness and promoting ageing well in place, Flinders Foundation Health Seed Research Grant (2019-2021).

    Flavel, J., Baum, Fran, T Freeman, C Musolino, M McKee. Examining increasing health inequities in Australia: the contribution of employment, income and wealth, Flinders Foundation Health Seed Research Grant (2019-2021).

    Freeman, T., Baum, Fran, C Bambra, H Gesesew, H Brown. What is the relationship between a nation’s wealth and health inequities, Flinders Foundation Health Seed Research Grant (2019-2021).

    Nursey-Bray, Melissa. Youth Volunteering in regions. Legatus Group (2019).

  • Commenced 2018

    Baum, Fran, C MacDougall, M Fisher, A Lawless, T Delany-Crowe. Understanding how the early childhood education policies of Australian governments promote health and equity through action on the social determinants, Flinders Foundation Health Seed Research Grant (2018-2020).

    Fisher, M., Baum, Fran, Handsley, E., Anaf, J., Friel, S. Sweet talk: analysing perspectives on a 'sugar tax' as a response to obesity in Australia, Flinders Foundation Health Seed Research Grant (2018-2020).

    Stringer, R.; Cacho, O.; Bennett, J.; Bardsley, D.; Gregg, D. Agricultural policy research to support natural resource management in Indonesia's Upland Landscapes, Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) Grant (2018-2022).

    Warin, Megan, Zivkovic, Tanya and Maher, J. Family by Family: Addressing childhood obesity through local understandings and local solutions. Channel 7 Children’s Research Fund (2018-2020).

  • Commenced 2017

    Nursey-Bray, Melissa. Placemaking and Tactical Urbanism Program. Myers Foundation (2017-2019).

    Nursey-Bray, Melissa. Socio ecological assessment of the ecosystems, industries and communities of Spencer Gulf. Goyder Institute (2017-2019).