Engage with us on the future of creativity and innovation in the landscape of articificial intelligence and emerging technologies. 

We are passionate about supporting future leaders in this space.

Creative Revolutionaries

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Creative Revolutionaries is a series of live presentations by cultural creatives who drive change on the creative industries' frontier.  These individuals share their insights, visions, and experiences, all aimed at driving change and breaking new ground.

By focusing on topics such as the creative industries, artistic expression, innovation, and entrepreneurship, Creative Revolutionaries seeks to inspire, educate, and empower.

Past events

InnovationAus Awards

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InnovationAus provides start-ups in Australia an opportunity to accelerate their businesses.

With support from Thomas Hajdu, this pathway provides students with an opportunity to on-ramp into the real world stratight from university.

The primary focus of InnovationAus lies in highlighting the Australian trailblazers who are at the helm of wealth-generating innovations, thereby creating enduring economic and social value for the country.

Held annually, the InnovationAus Awards spotlight Australia's most innovative and forward-thinking companies.

Over six months, InnovationAus commits to profiling these standout enterprises through various mediums such as editorial features, podcasts, and video content. 

Founder Institute

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Thomas Hajdu also fulfills the mentor role at the Founder Institute, guiding fledgling enterprises in South Australia. The Founder Institute holds the distinction of being the world's largest pre-seed startup accelerator.

The Founder Institute provides scholarship opportunities for music students with promising start-up ideas

Established in 2009 and with its base in Silicon Valley, the Institute has successfully assisted over 6000 entrepreneurs in securing over 1.75 billion dollars in U.S. funding.

Operating across 95 countries, the Institute's core mission lies in empowering ambitious and talented individuals to build impactful businesses, simultaneously cultivating essential leadership abilities.