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  • Ways of Listening and the Future of Work

    This unique course connects the opportunities a rapidly changing music industry provides. The course follows three parallel tracks: 

    • an examination of the history of music from the 20th and 21st centuries
    • a pragmatic survey of vocational opportunities
    • a study of the principles of collaboration and leadership skills.

    An exciting output that emerged directly from this course was the creation of the University of Adelaide Music Club, with the mission to enhance the musical culture on campus.  

    The success of this course has led to a partnership with Founder Institute - the world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator - to provide free scholarships for the best student projects. 

    Their mission is to empower talented and motivated people to build businesses that matter.

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  • Music for Media

    Music for Media, including music for film, television and video games, is a rapidly growing sector of music production. It’s also one of the most creatively innovative fields, taking stylistic cues from every music genre and forging new ones to enhance the dynamic, shifting landscape of screen-based narrative media. 

    Designed for would-be professional composers, you’ll take hands-on workshops, in a simulation of work you might be given on commercial projects  - including the iterative criticism and feedback you are likely to receive. You’ll discuss best business practices and self-promotion strategies, guiding you toward your first steps in a career in music for media.

    "The course was streamlined yet hands-on. Most other courses cover a theoretical or software perspective instead of a creative aspect. Feedback was very direct to incite improvement and still facilitate growth and our skill level.Nick Butterfield, student

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  • Art of the Possible: Forging an Arts Career

    The Arts and Humanities fields are facing significant challenges in the contemporary world. 

    It is crucial now, more than ever, for individuals in creative professions to acquire literacy across several domains in addition to their artistic skills. 

    To address this, our course provides a practical framework where students are compelled to develop what is, in essence, a venture in the arts.

    The curriculum is designed to impart vital skills in marketing and production. Students learn by directly engaging in producing, curating, and marketing a festival. The festival showcases the diverse creative outputs of the University of Adelaide students in various disciplines, including but not limited to music, media, creative writing, and Virtual Reality (VR). 

    In this innovative educational setting, students do not merely learn theory but actively apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. The course aims to foster a generation of creative professionals who are not only versed in their artistic fields, but also adept at leveraging technology, conducting marketing activities, and managing production processes. In essence, the course seeks to equip the artists and scholars of today with the multidisciplinary skills needed to thrive in the world of tomorrow.

    This course for the Bachelor of Creative Arts saw students executing the 2nd annual Art of the Possible Festival, which celebrated the creative outputs of the University of Adelaide students in domains such as music, media, creative writing, and VR, among others.

    This year the students in the course developed new festival partnerships with the City of Adelaide, Red Bull, the Australian Institute for Machine Learning, AVCON, Moonshots Innervation, Founder Institute and the Center for Nanoscale Biophotonics.

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  • Music Internships

    Internships amplify the breadth of practical learning opportunities you can access. 

    Our internships serve as a pivotal experiential learning platform, immersing you in the realities of professional roles and responsibilities within your chosen field. Paired with what you will learn at university, you’ll gain a real understanding of the professional ecosystem where you’ll build your career after graduating. 

    As part of your internship experience, you will grapple with and overcome real-world challenges, equipping you to smoothly transition into your future career. Our internship program successfully narrows the divide between academic theory and professional application.

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