Seminars and Workshops


Seminars held during 2024 will be a mix of both face-to-face presentations and online via Zoom.

If you would like to attend a seminar and/or be placed on our regular seminar mailing list, please contact Dr Akwasi Ampofo.

The School of Economics and Public Policy (SEPP) normally hosts regular seminars on a wide range of economics and cross-disciplinary topics from game theory to trade liberalisation to macroeconomics to econometric theory. 

Our presenters are a diverse mix of international and national experts who share their research and expertise over 1.5 hours. Registration is not required. 

 Time: Fridays 3:00pm - 4:30pm (unless otherwise stated)

  • 2024 Seminar Schedule

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    Zoom meeting ID: 828 4717 3580
    Zoom meeting passcode: 921 907

    Date Speaker Title of Presentation
    1 March Emilia Tjernstrom (Monash University) Selection and Heterogeneity in the Returns to Migration
    8 March Cancelled Cancelled
    15 March Matthew Read (Reserve Bank Australia)

    Sign Restrictions and Supply-Demand Decompositions of Inflation

    22 March Matthew Shapiro (University of Michigan) Using Machine Learning to Construct Hedonic Price Indices
    5 April Kurt Swabe (University of California, Riverside) Water Affordability, Bill Delinquency, and Low-Income Rate Assistance: A Southern California Perspective
    26 April  Anastasios Panagiotelis (University of Sydney) Forecast reconciliation: A review
    3 May Asad Islam (Monash University)

    Improving Health and Safety in the Informal Sector:
    Evidence from a Randomized Trial in Bangladesh

    10 May Susan Stone (University of South Australia) Trade and Competition: Navigating an evolving Environment
    17 May Jun Xiao (University of Melbourne) Matching Funds in Innovation
    24 May Reshad Ahsan (University of Melbourne) The Purdah Meets the Factory: Exposure to Female Employment, Gender Norms, and Son Preference
    31 May Dung Doan (World Bank)


  • 2023 Seminar Schedule

    Date Speaker Title of presentation

    Friday 3 March

    Faisal Sohail (University of Melbourne) Gender Gaps in Time Use and Entrepreneurship

    Friday 10 March

    Mallory Avery (Monash University)

    Does Artificial Intelligence Help or Hurt Gender Diversity? Evidence from Two Field Experiments on Recruitment in Tech

    Friday 17 March

    Peter Siminski (University of Technology Sydney) Optimal Model Selection in RDD and Related Settings Using Placebo Zones

    Friday 24 March

    Girish Bahal (University of Western Australia)

    A New Measure of Systemic Importance in Production Networks

    Friday 31 March

    Jonathan Hambur (Reserve Bank of Australia) Did Labour Market Concentration Lower Wages Growth Pre-Covid?

    Friday 28 April

    Dakyung Seong (University of Sydney) Dynamic Treatment Effects with Endogenous and Varying-intensity Treatments
    Friday 5 May

    Rigissa Megalokonomou (Monash University)

    Same-Gender Peer Role Models in Education

    Friday 12 May Professor Jeff Connor (University of South Australia) Mobile technology and gender: A pathway to increased yield and farm profit for smallholder farmers in Bangladesh
    Friday 26 May Professor Shane Zhang (University of South Australia) To bail or not to bail: The lesson from the case of Virgin Australia
    Friday 2 June Dr Xueli Tang (Deakin University) The Nexus between Long-term Care Insurance, Formal Care, Informal Care, and Bequests: The Case of Japan
    28 June Brent Ross (Michigan State University) Building Resilience to Shocks and Disruptions in Local and Regional Food Systems: An Interdisciplinary Approach
    30 June Ariel Ortiz-Bobea (Cornell University) R&D needs for US agriculture in a changing climate
    Friday 28 July Pauline Grosjean (University of New South Wales) Political Trenches: War, Polarization, and Partisanship
    Friday 4 August Cagri Kumru (Australian National University) Revisiting Taxes on High Incomes
    Friday 11 August Peggy Schrobback (CSIRO)

    On-farm investments into dairy cow health: Evidence from 15 case study countries

    Friday 18 August Antonio Rosato (University of Queensland) Quality is in the Eye of the Beholder: Taste Projection in Markets with Observational Learning
    Friday 25 August Emma Baker (University of Adelaide) Housing and Health: Building an Evidence Base for Action
    Friday 1 September Cancelled Cancelled
    Friday 8 September Ilke Onur (Flinders University)

    The Impact of Retirement on Body Weight: Casual Evidence from Australia

    Friday 15 September

    Nicholas Sim (Singapore University of Social Sciences)

    Seemingly-Irrelevant Instrumental Variable Estimation
    Friday 6 October Marian Vidal-Fernandez (University of Sydney) The Birth Order Effect: A Modern Phenomenon?
    Friday 13 October Federico Masera (University of New South Wales)

    The Long Civil War: Battle Exposure and Anti-Black Racism in the US South

    Friday 20 October

    Otavio Camargo Bartalotti (Monash University)

    Dr Ha Tran Thi (National Economics University, Vietnam)

    Hoang Ha Tran (National Economics University, Vietnam)

    Institutional Land Ownership and Conservation Practice Adoption

    The asymmetric impact of exchange rate changes on bilateral trade between Vietnam and the US: Does the Covid-19 pandemic matter?

    Attracting FDI into Northern Midlands and Mountainous Area in Vietnam: Current Situation and Research Approach

    Friday 27 October   cancelled
  • 2022 Seminar Schedule

    Date Speaker Title of Pressentation
    Friday, 11 March James Graham (University of Sydney) Stuck at Home: Housing Demand during the Covid-19 Pandemic
    Friday, 18 March Umair Khalil (Monash University) Social Media, Screen Time, and Adolescent Mental Health
    Friday, 25 March Yves Sprumont (Deakin University) Two-stage majoritarian choice
    Friday, 1 April Lionel Page (UTS) Cancelled
    Friday, 8 April Peter Sedlacek (UNSW) Serial Entrepreneurs and the Macroeconomy
    Friday, 29 April Gregory Kubitz (QUT) Understanding indicative bidding: An experimental approach
    Friday, 6 May Michael Jetter (UWA) Religiosity and warfare: Towards causal evidence via pre-Enlightenment solar eclipses
    Friday, 13 May Sean Pascoe (CSIRO) Estimating target reference points for key species in multispecies multi-métier fisheries
    Friday, 20 May Anu Rammohan (UWA) Cancelled
    Friday, 27 May Lionel Page (UTS) Disappointment looms around the corner: Visibility and businesses’ local market power
    Friday, 3 June Shuping Shi (Macquarie) Weak Identification of Long Memory with Financial Modeling Implications
    Friday, 29 July Jing Tian (UTS) Multivariate trend-cycle-seasonal decompositions with correlated innovations
    Friday, 5 August Tushar Bharati (UWA) Does Greater Flexibility of Online Labour Markets Encourage Female Participation? Evidence from an Online Freelancing Platform.
    Friday, 12 August Paul Raschky (Monash) The Value of Names - Civil Society, Information, and Governing Multinationals on the Global Periphery
    Friday, 19 August  George Kudrna (UNSW) Retirement Financing with Private Pension and Housing Assets
    Friday, 26 August Zhijun Chen (Monash) Privacy costs and Consumer data acquisition: an economic analysis of data privacy regulation
    Friday, 2 September Peggy Schrobback (CSIRO) Cancelled
    Friday, 9 September  Asad Islam (Monash) Forced Displacement, Mental Health, and Child Development: Evidence from the Rohingya Refugees.
    Friday, 16 September Gregor Pfeifer (University of Sydney) The Effects of Free Secondary School Track Choice: A Disaggregated Synthetic Control Approach
    Friday, 7 October James Morley (University of Sydney) A Structural Measure of the Shadow Federal Funds Rate
    Friday, 14 October  Ryan Edwards (ANU) Fight fire with finance: a randomized field experiment to curtail land-clearing fire in Indonesia
    Friday, 21 October Emilia Tjernstrom (Monash) Cancelled
    Friday, 28 October  Pratiti Chatterjee (UNSW) On Quantifying the Sentiment Channel of Monetary Policy
    Friday, 4 November Robert Breunig (ANU) Covid-19 Private Pension Withdrawals and Unemployment Tenures
  • 2021 Seminar Schedule


    Date Speaker Title of Presentation
    Friday, March 5 Xiaojian Zhao (Monash) Motivated Beliefs, Independence and Cooperation
    Friday, March 12 Arpita Chatterjee (UNSW) Trade and Minimum Wages in General Equilibrium: Theory and Evidence
    Friday, March 19 Edwyna Harris (Monash) Initial Land Allocation to British Investors in South Australia in 1837: A Comparison of the Random Serial Dictator and Ascending Price Sequential Auction Mechanisms
    Friday, March 26 Andrea LeNauze (U of Queensland) Air Pollution and Adult Cognition: Evidence from Brain Training
    Friday, April 9 Daeha Cho (U of Melbourne) Unemployment Risk, MPC Heterogeneity, and Business Cycles
    Friday, April 30 Jordy Meekes (U of Melbourne) Fired and Pregnant: Gender Differences in Job Flexibility Outcomes after Job Loss
    Friday, May 7

    Jane Zhang (UNSW)


    Friday, May 14 David Byrne (U of Melbourne) Price Discrimination, Search, and Negotiation in an Oligopoly: A Field Experiment in Retail Electricity
    Friday, May 21 Ben Wong (Monash)

    The Decline in the Natural Rate of Interest According to a Robust Multivariate Trend-Cycle Decomposition

    Friday, May 28 Elena Capatina (ANU) Health Shocks and the Evolution of Earnings over the Life-Cycle
    Friday, June 4 Juanyi Xu (HKUST) Labour Mobility and Exchange Rate Regime in Open Economies
    Friday, August 6 Isaac Gross (Monash) NIMBYs and the Housing Market
    Friday, August 13 Niven Winchester (AUT) The Climate PoLicy ANalysis (C-PLAN) Model, Version 1.0
    Friday, August 20 Fu Ouyang (U of Queensland) Semiparametric Discrete Choice Models for Bundles

    Friday, August 27

    Bingjing Li (U of Hong Kong) Did U.S. Politicians Expect the China Shock?
    Friday, September 3

    Jane Zhang (UNSW)


    Multiple Switching and Data Quality in the Multiple Price List
    Friday, September 17 Rigissa Megalokonomou (U of Queensland) Longer-Term Effects of Teachers: Evidence from a Random Assignment of Teachers to Students
    Friday, October 8 Guido Ascari (Oxford) Fiscal foresight and the effects of government spending: It's all in the monetary-fiscal mix
    Friday, October 15 Ye Lu (U of Sydney) Bootstrap Inference for Hawkes and General Point Processes
    Friday, October 22 Tom Wilkening (U of Melbourne TBA
  • 2020 Seminar Schedule

    Attend zoom meeting

    Zoom meeting ID: 853 7521 8466
    Zoom meeting passcode: 668237

    Date Speaker Title of Presentation
    Tuesday 18 February, 12:00-1:30pm Marianne Stephanides You are welcome. How ex-post communication affects incidence of and reactions to helping.
    Monday 2 March, 2:10-3:30pm Alexander Chudik, Dallas Federal Reserve The heterogeneous effects of global and national business cycles on employment in U.S. states and metropolitan areas.
    Friday 6 March, 3:10-4:30pm Shang-Jin Wei, Columbia Business School The welfare effect of a current account surplus: a new channel
    Friday 13 March Rigissa Megalokonomou, University of Queensland Is Justice Blind? Gender Interactions in the Supreme Court

    Friday 20 March

    Alastair Fischer

    Towards a general methodology for the evaluation of healthcare projects


    Friday 9  October


    Jay Lee, UNSW


    Instrumental Variable Estimation of State-dependent Government Spending Multipliers under Sectoral Heterogeneity
    Friday 16 October Yusuf Mercan, University of Melbourne Melbourne TBC
    Friday 23 October Scott French, UNSW TBC
    Friday 30 October Maria Recalde, University of Melbourne TBC


The School of Economics and Public Policy Brainbag Workshop is a forum for academic staff, visiting faculty and postgraduate students to present research that is in its early stages.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Those interested in presenting in the Brainbag or would like more information can contact the coordinator, Dr Akwasi Ampofo

 Location: Level 3 Boardroom, Nexus 10 Building

 Time: Mondays 12:00pm -1:00 pm (unless otherwise stated)

  • 2024 Workshop Schedule

    Bring a Lunch Seminar

    Date and time Speaker Topic Location

    26 March

    12 - 1pm

    Nick Garvin, e61 Housing transfer taxes and household mobility Nexus 10 Building, Level 6 Seminar Room (Room 6.01)
    or Online via Zoom using this link
    (Meeting ID: 828 4717 3580; Passcode: 921 907)


  • 2023 Workshop Schedule

    Date Speaker  
    20 Feb Prof Neal A. MacDougall (California Polytechnic State University) Using POGIL in Microeconomics Principles Teaching: An Overview of Applying the POGIL Pedagogy in Economics 
    27 Feb Prof Andreas Freytag (Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena) IIT Policy Brief: The Political Economy of Due Diligence Legislation
    20 Mar Francesco Roncone The Impact of Work Hour Instability on Occupational Mobility for Women and Men in the U.S.
    27 Mar Emiliano Carlevaro Contagion of bank failures through the interbank network
    3 Apr Trang Dang The impact of female education on child marriage and maternal healthcare utilization: Evidence from Vietnam
    24 Apr Victor Kun Lobbying and U.S. Congressional Bill Advancement in the context of the Israeli-Palestine 
    1 May Naveed Javed Dornbusch’s overshooting and the systematic component of monetary policy in SOE-SVARs
    8 May Gurmukh News Market and Polarization
    22 May Ruyi Shi Internal migration and formal employment: evidence from Indonesia
    31 July Wenzhu Tang (David) Optimising the location for renewable energy recharge stations in SA
    7 August

    Oscar Pavlov (University of Tasmania)

    Superstar Firms: Equilibrium Instability and Cyclical Inequality
    14 August Bernard H Casey How to increase labour productivity in the personal services industry: the use of robots in the care of the very old
    21 August Wenxiao Wang (Zhongnan University of Economics and Law) Labor Market Flexibility and Domestic Value-added Trade: Evidence from the Kukou Reform in China
    28 August Lingyu Kong (Zhongnan University of Economics and Law) The Intricate Dance of Power: Exploring the Paradoxical Nature of China's Early Banking Networks in the 1930s
    4 September Zhiruo Zhang (HDR student, SEPP) Panel Vector Autoregression Model with Application to Climate Change
    11 September Qazi Haque Can We Use High-frequency Yield Data to Better Understand the Effects of Monetary Policy and Its Communication? Yes and No!
    9 October



    16 October

    Associate Professor Adam Loch

    Dr Stephanie McWhinnie

    Marginal group wellbeing benefits from access to green spaces

    Measuring, Interpreting and Monitoring Economic Productivity in the South Australian Spencer Gulf and West Coast Prawn Fisheries

    23 October Dr Boyd Blackwell (NSW Department of Primary Industries, Fisheries)

    Title of presentation: Economic values for freshwater native fish and river ecosystem restoration in New South Wales

    30 October Yuguo Ma TBA