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Renowned for our world-leading expertise in Economics and Public Policy, we engage in partnerships with national and state governments, businesses, communities, and research collaborators to tackle and resolve real-world challenges.

Our research centres and consulting services

The Centre for Global Food and Resources

The Centre for Global Food and Resources has a global reputation for creating and applying knowledge on secure and resilient global food and resource systems. 

Future of Employment and Skills

The Future of Employment and Skills (FES) research centre conducts impartial and ethical applied social and economic research to address contemporary human capital issues.

Institute for International Trade

Institute for International Trade brings together leading academics, experienced trade practitioners and negotiators to address key challenges faced by businesses and governments seeking to expand trade and investment opportunities across the globe.

The South Australian Centre for Economic Studies

The South Australian Centre for Economic Studies (SACES) undertakes the review, research, and report on economic and public policy issues of relevance to South Australia and Australia as a whole, with a primary focus on elevating the standard of analysis and discussion regarding issues within the State.

Host internships

Professions students in Nexus

Hosting economics interns offers fresh insights, adept research skills, and cost-effective contributions to projects, enhancing analysis, policy evaluation, and financial assessments. This fosters networking, professional growth, and academic collaboration, strengthening both your organization and future workforce, while establishing valuable industry-academia connections. 

For more information, please visit the Faculty's internships program