The Bachelor of Economics (Hons) is a specialised degree designed to develop advanced analytical and research skills. 

You'll develop advanced skills to apply or expand unique and sophisticated mathematical models used by large organisations or government agencies in analysis, interpretation, or prediction of a wide range of complex social, behavioural and economic responses.

You will join a community of like-minded, forward-thinking fellow students to engage with distinguished faculty staff, and participate in cutting-edge research nationally and internationally.

The Honours program leads to diverse career opportunities in policymaking, consulting, financial analysis, and international development. Students and past graduates have interned or pursued careers with the Treasury, Reserve Bank, Productivity Commission, and the Big Four finance firms. Honours is the pathway for further academic achievement at the Masters or Doctorate level.

Why study Honours?

Honours is a highly competitive program. The program goes beyond numbers, to deep dive into human behavior, market forces, and resource allocation. Through the Honours program, you will develop and gain:

  • advanced rigorous knowledge and skills
  • research opportunities
  • networking and mentorship in a close-knit community
  • collaboration and engagement at local, national, or international circles
  • preparation for advanced studies
  • career advancement.

What scholarships are available?

For a full list of all scholarships that are funded by the University, industry and non-profit organisations which are available to potential and currently enrolled students, visit the scholarships website.

The Brian Gray scholarship is available to domestic students, if you are in a full-time Honours program. For further information including applications, open and closing dates, visit APRA's website.

How to apply?

Existing University of Adelaide students can apply for an internal transfer.

Students of institutions other than the University of Adelaide can apply via SATAC using SATAC code: 3BH007.

Apply for Honours Honours Degree of Bachelor of Economics