When you are ready to take that next step in your education, our Master's program provides a valuable postgraduate learning experience to ensure you excel in your chosen career.

  • Master of Economics and Resource Policy

    Lead and develop economic and resource sustainability  

    Experience the synergy of economics and resource policy like never before. This two-year program offers a unique blend of economic expertise with resource management acumen, empowering you to make smart, sustainable choices in a world hungry for change. Dive deep into the intricate world of economic study and examination, policy formulation, and resource allocation while honing your skills to ensure equitable access to vital resources, from clean air and water to sustainable energy. Be at the forefront of shaping policies that safeguard economic stability, protect our environment, and promote social equity. 

    A shorter Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma option is also available to those seeking a shorter qualification.

    Degree Structure

    The Master of Economics and Resource Policy allows you to diversify your expertise by taking courses from all three areas, or you can focus on a specialisation in:
    • Economic Analysis
    • Global Food and Agribusiness
    • International Trade
    You can choose up to two specialisations. The program also provides a PhD pathway.

    Where could it take you? 

    Our graduates pursue a wide range of exciting careers and research trajectories. As an economic analyst, you might evaluate corporate strategies. As a policy analyst within government, you could spearhead the overhaul of regulatory frameworks. Opportunities also extend to stock markets, the expansive arena of food, agriculture and resource industries, and the dynamic domain of banking, financial services, and consulting. Your analytic and modelling skills might even be channelled towards devising strategies for resource allocation in aid agencies.

Interested in postgraduate research with us?

We have strong research record and offers a supportive and collegial learning environment that enables research students to receive individualised attention and interact closely with academic staff.

All higher degree research students are supervised to ensure the highest quality research outcome that is internationally competitive, including our own staff, supervisors from other Faculties within the University and experts from other universities in Australia and abroad.

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