When you are ready to take that next step in your education, our Master's programs provide a valuable postgraduate learning experience to allow you to excel in your chosen career.

  • Master of Applied Economics

    Curious where Economics can take you? Regardless of whether you are new to the subject or already have experience, the Master of Applied Economics will develop you into a professional economist.

    The full two-year degree is designed to give students with a bachelor’s degree in any discipline a thorough understanding of core ideas and concepts in economics and their application in the real world. If you have previously studied the core subjects in Economics you can choose an accelerated trajectory that allows you to complete the degree in 1.5 years by taking you to the advanced elective economics courses faster.

    The degree also offers you the possibility to specialize in a major by selecting a carefully arranged set of relevant elective courses in either international economics, public policy, or economic theory.

    Students interested in pursuing an academic career are offered individual pathways to progress to the Master of Advanced Economics as a direct pathway into an MPhil or PhD in Economics.

    A shorter Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma option is also available to those seeking a shorter qualification.

    Where will this take you?

    Graduates of the Master of Applied Economics are highly employable and have found success with private and public employers in Australia and internationally.

    Employers include major banks and consulting firms, treasuries and ministries of finance in Australia and abroad, other public institutions such as national statistical offices, tax authorities, trade ministries, central banks, and international organizations such as the World Bank.

    Master of Applied Economics

    Chan Mono Oum
    An opportunity to study Master of Applied Economics (Public Policy) at the University of Adelaide has been a remarkable academic journey and personal development. This program equipped me with astonishing analytical skills and knowledge allowing me not only be successful in multicultural and diversified working environments but also lifting me up to a whole new level of research capacity delivering a positive change in my community.Chan Mono Oum (Master of Applied Economics) - Business Development Link

  • Master of Advanced Economics

    Are you ready to be challenged? If you have completed a Bachelor of Economics or a related discipline, and want to dive deeper into Economics, then the Master of Advanced Economics will take you there.

    This 1.5 year degree is designed to challenge students by raising their existing understanding of core ideas and concepts in Economics to an advanced level and applying their knowledge to important economic questions. The degree offers a thorough training in advanced core knowledge and research skills. It is a direct pathway into the PhD in Economics.

    The compulsory thesis offers the opportunity to improve your research skills and gain a deep understanding of a particular economic question. 

    Where will this take you?

    The Master of Advanced Economics is the main pathway into the PhD in Economics.

    Alternatively, graduates are well prepared for positions in banks, financial institutions and a wide range of public institutions, from the Treasury to the Reserve Bank.

    Master of Advanced Economics

Interested in postgraduate research with us?

We have strong research record and offers a supportive and collegial learning environment that enables research students to receive individualised attention and interact closely with academic staff.

All higher degree research students are supervised to ensure the highest quality research outcome that is internationally competitive, including our own staff, supervisors from other Faculties within the University and experts from other universities in Australia and abroad.

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