Seminars and workshops

Seminars held during 2022 will be a mix of both face-to-face presentations and online via Zoom. If you would like to attend a seminar and/or be placed on our regular seminar mailing list, please contact Dr Qazi Haque.

The School of Economics and Public Policy (SEPP) normally hosts regular seminars on a wide range of economics and cross-disciplinary topics from game theory to trade liberalisation to macroeconomics to econometric theory. 

Our presenters are a diverse mix of international and national experts who share their research and expertise over 1.5 hours. Registration is not required. 

 Time: Fridays 3:00pm - 4:30pm (unless otherwise stated)

  • 2022 Seminar Schedule

    Date Speaker Title of Pressentation
    Friday, 11 March James Graham (University of Sydney) Stuck at Home: Housing Demand during the Covid-19 Pandemic
    Friday, 18 March Umair Khalil (Monash University) Social Media, Screen Time, and Adolescent Mental Health
    Friday, 25 March Yves Sprumont (Deakin University) Two-stage majoritarian choice
    Friday, 1 April Lionel Page (UTS) Cancelled
    Friday, 8 April Peter Sedlacek (UNSW) Serial Entrepreneurs and the Macroeconomy
    Friday, 29 April Gregory Kubitz (QUT) Understanding indicative bidding: An experimental approach
    Friday, 6 May Michael Jetter (UWA) Religiosity and warfare: Towards causal evidence via pre-Enlightenment solar eclipses
    Friday, 13 May Sean Pascoe (CSIRO) Estimating target reference points for key species in multispecies multi-métier fisheries
    Friday, 20 May Anu Rammohan (UWA) Cancelled
    Friday, 27 May Lionel Page (UTS) Disappointment looms around the corner: Visibility and businesses’ local market power
    Friday, 3 June Shuping Shi (Macquarie) Weak Identification of Long Memory with Financial Modeling Implications
    Friday, 29 July Jing Tian (UTS) Multivariate trend-cycle-seasonal decompositions with correlated innovations
    Friday, 5 August Tushar Bharati (UWA) Does Greater Flexibility of Online Labour Markets Encourage Female Participation? Evidence from an Online Freelancing Platform.
    Friday, 12 August Paul Raschky (Monash) The Value of Names - Civil Society, Information, and Governing Multinationals on the Global Periphery
    Friday, 19 August  George Kudrna (UNSW) Retirement Financing with Private Pension and Housing Assets
    Friday, 26 August Zhijun Chen (Monash) Privacy costs and Consumer data acquisition: an economic analysis of data privacy regulation
    Friday, 2 September Peggy Schrobback (CSIRO) Cancelled
    Friday, 9 September  Asad Islam (Monash) Forced Displacement, Mental Health, and Child Development: Evidence from the Rohingya Refugees.
    Friday, 16 September Gregor Pfeifer (University of Sydney) TBA
    Friday, 7 October James Morley (University of Sydney) TBA
    Friday, 14 October  Ryan Edwards (ANU) TBA
    Friday, 21 October Emilia Tjernstrom (Monash) TBA
    Friday, 28 October  Pratiti Chatterjee (UNSW) TBA
  • 2021 Seminar Schedule


    Date Speaker Title of Presentation
    Friday, March 5 Xiaojian Zhao (Monash) Motivated Beliefs, Independence and Cooperation
    Friday, March 12 Arpita Chatterjee (UNSW) Trade and Minimum Wages in General Equilibrium: Theory and Evidence
    Friday, March 19 Edwyna Harris (Monash) Initial Land Allocation to British Investors in South Australia in 1837: A Comparison of the Random Serial Dictator and Ascending Price Sequential Auction Mechanisms
    Friday, March 26 Andrea LeNauze (U of Queensland) Air Pollution and Adult Cognition: Evidence from Brain Training
    Friday, April 9 Daeha Cho (U of Melbourne) Unemployment Risk, MPC Heterogeneity, and Business Cycles
    Friday, April 30 Jordy Meekes (U of Melbourne) Fired and Pregnant: Gender Differences in Job Flexibility Outcomes after Job Loss
    Friday, May 7

    Jane Zhang (UNSW)


    Friday, May 14 David Byrne (U of Melbourne) Price Discrimination, Search, and Negotiation in an Oligopoly: A Field Experiment in Retail Electricity
    Friday, May 21 Ben Wong (Monash)

    The Decline in the Natural Rate of Interest According to a Robust Multivariate Trend-Cycle Decomposition

    Friday, May 28 Elena Capatina (ANU) Health Shocks and the Evolution of Earnings over the Life-Cycle
    Friday, June 4 Juanyi Xu (HKUST) Labour Mobility and Exchange Rate Regime in Open Economies
    Friday, August 6 Isaac Gross (Monash) NIMBYs and the Housing Market
    Friday, August 13 Niven Winchester (AUT) The Climate PoLicy ANalysis (C-PLAN) Model, Version 1.0
    Friday, August 20 Fu Ouyang (U of Queensland) Semiparametric Discrete Choice Models for Bundles

    Friday, August 27

    Bingjing Li (U of Hong Kong) Did U.S. Politicians Expect the China Shock?
    Friday, September 3

    Jane Zhang (UNSW)


    Multiple Switching and Data Quality in the Multiple Price List
    Friday, September 17 Rigissa Megalokonomou (U of Queensland) Longer-Term Effects of Teachers: Evidence from a Random Assignment of Teachers to Students
    Friday, October 8 Guido Ascari (Oxford) Fiscal foresight and the effects of government spending: It's all in the monetary-fiscal mix
    Friday, October 15 Ye Lu (U of Sydney) Bootstrap Inference for Hawkes and General Point Processes
    Friday, October 22 Tom Wilkening (U of Melbourne TBA
  • 2020 Seminar schedule

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    Zoom meeting passcode: 668237

    Date Speaker Title of Presentation
    Tuesday 18 February, 12:00-1:30pm Marianne Stephanides You are welcome. How ex-post communication affects incidence of and reactions to helping.
    Monday 2 March, 2:10-3:30pm Alexander Chudik, Dallas Federal Reserve The heterogeneous effects of global and national business cycles on employment in U.S. states and metropolitan areas.
    Friday 6 March, 3:10-4:30pm Shang-Jin Wei, Columbia Business School The welfare effect of a current account surplus: a new channel
    Friday 13 March Rigissa Megalokonomou, University of Queensland Is Justice Blind? Gender Interactions in the Supreme Court

    Friday 20 March

    Alastair Fischer

    Towards a general methodology for the evaluation of healthcare projects


    Friday 9  October


    Jay Lee, UNSW


    Instrumental Variable Estimation of State-dependent Government Spending Multipliers under Sectoral Heterogeneity
    Friday 16 October Yusuf Mercan, University of Melbourne Melbourne TBC
    Friday 23 October Scott French, UNSW TBC
    Friday 30 October Maria Recalde, University of Melbourne TBC
  • 2019 Seminar schedules

    Date Speaker Title of Presentation
    1 March Giacoma Rondina, University of California, San Diego Samuelson's Dictum: Evidence, Theory, and Implications
    8 March Phil Curry, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada A Non-Parametric Estimation of the Effect of Police on Crime
    15 March Frank Stahler, University of Tubingen, Germany

    How Importers May Hedge Demand Uncertainty joint work with Horst Raff, University of Kiel, and Nicolas Schmitt, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

    22 March Ross Hickey, University of Melbourne The Effect of Tax Price on Donations: Evidence from Canada
    28 March (Thurs 3.30) Ryan Oprea, UC of Santa Barbara Revealed Preferences and General Equilibrium: A Laboratory Study
    29 March Wenying Yao, Deakin University Estimating the rank of cojumps in high-dimensional financial data with market microstructure noise
    5 April Acelya Altuntas, Deakin University A New Family of Rules for Probablistic Assignment Based on Trading Right and Priorities

    8 April (Mon 12.10)

    Gianni De Fraja, University of Nottingham

    Optimal Healthcare Contracts: Theory and Empirical Evidence from Italy”, with Paolo Berta and Stefano Verzillo
    12 April Chris Gibbs, University of Sydney A Unified Model of Learning to Forecast
    26 April Dennis Petrie, Monash University Validating health gains for health technology assessment decision-making. A practical guide for analysing “real-world” data
    3 May Ilke Onur, University of South Australia

    Successful ageing, gender and health care utilisation: evidence from rural South Africa

    10 May Jacob Goeree, University of New South Wales M Equilibrium: A dual theory of beliefs and choices
    15 May (Wed 2-3pm) Future of Employment and Skills Seminar: Michael Dockery, Curtin University Inter-generational transmission of Indigenous culture and children’s
    17 May Gary Magee, Monash University Bad News From the Front: Military Fatalities and the Death Penalty in Nazi Germany
    31 May James Hansen, University of Melbourne

    The Role of Auctions and Negotiation in Housing Prices

    Monday 3 Jun Cedric Wasser, Universitat Bonn Buyer-Optimal Robust Information Structures
    7 June Christopher Skeels, The University of Melbourne Distributions You Can Count On

    14 June 126 Majoribanks Santos Lecture Theatre

    Rebecca Taylor, University of Sydney Unemployment Insurance as a Worker Indiscipline Device? Evidence from Scanner Data
    2 August Bettina Klaus, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

    Serial Dictatorship Mechanisms with Reservation Prices

    9 August Claudio Mezzetti, University of Queensland

    Mediation Design

    16 August Simon Ville, University of Wollongong Overcoming Market failure: Transaction Choice in the Natural History trade
    23 August Olena Stavrunova, University of Technology Sydney

    Health and Economic Effects of Direct Household Exposure to Disaster Events

    30 August Gianni La Cava, Reserve Bank of Australia

    The Distributional Effects of Monetary Policy: Evidence from Local Housing Markets

    13 September Joshua Miller, University of Melbourne

    Tra i Leoni: Revealing the Preferences Behind a Superstition ( with Giovanna Invernizzi,Tommaso Coen, Martin Dufwenberg, Luiz Edgard R. Oliveira)

    20 September Arthur Lewbel, Boston College

    Innefficient Collective Households: Abuse and Consumption, Arthur Lewbel and Krishna Pendakur, Simon Fraser University

    27 September Efrem Castelnuovo, University of Melbourne Global Uncertainty (with Giovanni Caggiano, Monash University)
    11 October Christiern Rose, University of Queensland Identification of Spillover Effects using Panel Data
    Oct 14 Mon (12:10)


    Fabio Canova, European University Institute FAQs: How  do I  measure  the output  gap? Are  gaps and cyclical fluctuations  the  same?

    25 October

    Majoribanks Santos Lecture Theatre

    Alastair Fraser, University of Sydney Intensive and Extensive Margin Responses in Electricity Conservation: How Households Respond to Financial Rewards
    15 November Andrea Ichino, European University Institute, Italy The civicness drain
  • 2018 Seminar schedules

    Date Speaker Title of presentation
    February 2 Utku Unver - Boston College, Massachusetts, USA Efficient and Incentive-Compatible Liver Exchange
    February 16 Frank Stahler - University of Tubingen, Germany and Adjunct Professor, School of Economics University of Adelaide

    The Organization of International Trade

    March 2 Tim Guinnane - Yale University The Impact of Social Insurance on Fertility: Germany 1875-1905
    March 9 Jasmin Groeschl - Ifo Institute, Germany

    Undoing Europe in a New Quantitative Trade Model” (co-authored by Gabriel Felbermayr and Inga Heiland)

    March 16 Natalia Bailey - Monash University Quasi Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Spatial Models with Heterogeneous Coefficients”, by M. Aquaro (European Commission), N. Bailey (Monash University), M. H. Pesaran (University of Southern California and Trinity College, Cambridge)
    March 23 Simon Loertscher - University of Melbourne Multi-Party Competition
    March 26

    Pascal Michaillat - Brown University

    Please note: Seminar is on Monday 12:00-1:30pm

    Pricing When Customers Care about Fairness but Misinfer Markup

    April 6 Maros Servatka - Macquarie Graduate School of Management Investment in Outside Options as Opportunistic Behavior: An Experimental Investigation
    April 13 Paul Johnson, Institute of Fiscal Studies, UK Poverty and low pay in the UK
    April 20 Giovanni Caggiano - Monash University Uncertainty-Driven Comovements in Booms and Busts: A Structural Interpretation" (joint with E. Castelnuovo and G. Pellegrino
    April 27 Ian Mackenzie - University of Queensland Sharing contests with general preferences
    May 4 Michael Jetter - University of Western Australia

    Mediated terrorism: US news and Al-Qaeda attacks


    May 11 Timothy Moore - University of Melbourne The Long-term Consequences of a Heroin Supply Shock" (with Kevin Schnepel)
    May 18 Peter Siminski - University of Technology, Sydney

    Direct Measures of Intergenerational Income Mobility for Australia By: by Chelsea Murray, Robert Clark, Silvia Mendolia and Peter Siminski

    May 25 Chris Edmond - University of Melbourne How Costly Are Markups? (joint with Virgiliu Midrigan and Daniel Yi Xu)
    June 8 Prasad Bhattcharya - Deakin University

    Exchange rate forecasting using a new dynamic panel estimator


    June 15 James Morley - University of Sydney Why Has the U.S. Economy Stagnated Since the Great Recession
    Aug 10 Ha Nguyen  - Curtin University

    Explaining the evolution of nativity differentials in academic achievements: The role of time investments

    Aug 14  Nicolas de Roos - University of Sydney

    Startup search costs

    August 24 Xiaodong Fan - Monash University

    Estimation of a Life-Cycle Model with Human Capital, Labour Supply and Retirement

    August 31 Hasin Yousaf - UNSW

    Sticking to one's guns: Mass Shootings and the Political Economy of Gun Control in the U.S

    Sep 7 Leslie Martin - University of Melbourne Carbon Offsets in the Clean Development Mechanism: What non-participants reveal about counterfactual emissions (co authored with Kim Lu, Deloitte Access Economics)
    Sep 14 Lionel Page - Queensland University of Technology How much information is incorporated in financial asset prices? Experimental Evidence
    Sep 21

    Guillaume Roger - University of Woolongong


    Contracting on unobserved volatility" (with Ben Goldys, Sydney Uni Mathematics)
    Sep 28 Ching-Jen Sun - Deakin University A Sandwich Theorem for Generic nxn Two Person Games
    Oct 5 Laura Panza - University of Melbourne

    The impact of ethnic segregation on schooling outcomes in Mandate Palestine


    Oct 12 Thomas A. Lubik - Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Assessing US Aggregate Fluctuations Across Time andFrequencies with Christian Matthes Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and Fabio Verona Bank of Finland
    Oct 19 Jorge Pinto - University of Queensland Production Network Structure, Service Share, and Aggregate Volatility
    Oct 26 Phillip McCalman - University of Melbourne

    International Trade, Product Lines and Welfare: The roles of firm and consumer heterogeneit

    Nov 2

    Napier 205

    Ratbek Dzhumashev - Monash University

    Consumption externalities and fertility choice

    Nov 5 Yves Zenou - Monash University Social Norms in Public: Philip Ushchev and Yves Zenou
    Nov 9 Timothy Kam -  ANU

    Inflationary Redistribution vs. Trading Opportunities:

    A New-Monetarist Heterogeneous-agent Quantitative Theory


The School of Economics and Public Policy Brainbag Workshop is a forum for academic staff, visiting faculty and postgraduate students to present research that is in its early stages.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Those interested in presenting in the Brainbag or who would like more information can contact the coordinator, Dr Raul Barreto.

 Location: Level 3 Boardroom, Nexus 10 Building

 Time: 12:10pm -1:00 pm (unless otherwise stated)