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Welcome to the Australian Centre for Housing Research at the University of Adelaide.

The Australian housing system is an $8 trillion asset of more than 10 million owned, rented, and government assisted dwellings. It is used by governments as an economic engine, a welfare tool, and a conduit to deliver health and social interventions. For ordinary Australians, it represents our major lifetime investment, most significant day-to-day expenditure, the place we spend 70 per cent of our time. Our housing system is also set to grow substantially over the next 30 years as Australia’s economy and population expands.

The Australian Centre for Housing Research (ACHR) is a collaboration of researchers, policy stakeholders, industry, and advocacy. Based at the University of Adelaide, the Centre aims to:

  • Provide a focus for national and international collaboration around housing issues
  • Deliver high-quality, innovative and relevant research on housing
  • Inform social policy, practice, public debate, and decision making across the housing sector


Latest news



Hugh Stretton Oration 2024

Danielle Wood, Chair of the Productivity Commission explores the topic of Inequality in Australia and discusses "what role does government policy play?". Danielle presented her insights into economic inequality, how it has changed over time and explored the factors that contribute to how different groups are faring and whether governments can and should do more. This was followed by an in-depth conversation with Professor Emma Baker: Professor of Housing and Research, University of Adelaide and Professor Fran Baum: Director Stretton Health Equity, University of Adelaide. 



'What works' to sustain Indigenous tenancies - Report Publication

Congratulations to centre researchers Megan Moskos, Linda Isherwood, and Emma Baker for the publication of their AHURI Final Report 'What works' to sustain Indigenous tenancies in Australia, written in collaboration with Professor Michael Dockery and Dr Ngoc Thien Anh Pham.



Exploring the well-being of renters during the COVID-19 pandemic

New research by ACHR director Emma Baker and friends Dr. David Oswald and Dr. Trivess Moore exploring the well-being of renters during the COVID-19 pandemic has been published open-access in International Journal of Housing Policy. Read the full article here.


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