Our researchers share their findings across a variety of platforms - from traditional academic journals to online opinion pieces and public seminars. 

Information on publications and other research outputs from researchers within the Centre can be found below, including links to published articles, opinion pieces, and seminar recordings. 

  • 2022

    Baker, E., Daniel, L., Beer, A., Bentley, R., Rowley, S., Baddeley, M., London, K., Stone, W., Nygaard, C., Hulse, K., Lockwood, A. (2022). An Australian rental housing conditions research infrastructure. Nature Scientific Data. doi:10.1038/s41597-022-01136-5.

    Oswald, D., Moore, T., and Baker, E. (2022). Exploring the well-being of renters during the COVID-19 pandemic. International Journal of Housing Policy, 1-21. doi:10.1080/19491247.2022.2037177.

  • 2021

    1. Bentley, R., Baker, E., Martino, E., Li, Y., & Mason, K. (2021). Alcohol and tobacco consumption: What is the role of economic security?. Addiction, 10 pages. doi:10.1111/add.15400
    2. Baker, E., Pham, A., Leishman, C., Daniel, L., & Bentley, R. (2021). Urban social housing pathways: a linked administrative data analysis. Urban Policy and Research, 39(1), 1-15. doi:10.1080/08111146.2020.1838894
    3. Arakawa Martins, B., Barrie, H., Visvanathan, R., Daniel, L., Arakawa Martins, L., Ranasinghe, D., . . . Soebarto, V. (2021). A multidisciplinary exploratory approach for investigating the experience of older adults attending hospital services. Health Environments Research and Design Journal, 14(1), 141-163. doi:10.1177/1937586720920858
  • 2020

    1. Baker, E., Pham, N., Daniel, L., & Bentley, R. (2020). New evidence on mental health and housing affordability in cities: A quantile regression approach. Cities, 96. DOI:10.1016/j.cities.2019.102455
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    4. Bentley, R., & Baker, E. (2020). Housing at the frontline of COVID-19 challenge: A commentary on ‘Rising home values and Covid-19 case rates in Massachusetts’. Social Science and Medicine, 265, 113534. DOI: 10.1016/j.socscimed.2020.113534
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  • 2019

    1. Aitken, Z., Baker, E., Badland, H., Mason, K., Bentley, R., Beer, A., & Kavanagh, A. (2019). Precariously placed: housing affordability, quality and satisfaction of Australians with disabilities. Disability and Society, 34(1), 121-142. DOI: 10.1080/09687599.2018.1521333
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  • 2022

    Moskos, M., Isherwood, L., Dockery, M., Baker, E. and Pham, A. (2022) ‘What works’ to sustain Indigenous tenancies in Australia, AHURI Final Report 374. doi:10.18408/ahuri3122901.

  • 2020

    1. Baker, E., Bentley, R., Beer, A., & Daniel, L. (2020). Renting in the time of COVID-19: Understanding the impacts. AHURI Final Report, 340. DOI: 10.18408/ahuri3125401
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  • 2019

    1. Leishman, C., Baker, E. (2019) Audit of South Australia’s current housing assets and mapping of future demand, AHURI Research Paper, Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute Limited, Melbourne. Online Access.
    2. Baker, E. L., Kellett, J., & South Australian Planning Commission. (2019). People and Neighbourhoods Policy Discussion Paper. Online Access.
    3. Baker, E. L., Leishman, C., Kellett, J., & Daniel, L. (2019). People and Neighbourhoods - Background paper. Online Access.
  • 2021

    Emma Baker on "The housing affordability jigsaw". The 7.30 Report. ABC. 22 November. Online access.

    Rebecca Bentley, Alice, Kim Loo. "Why renting is a health risk". The Signal. ABC Radio. 12 October. Online access.

    Emma Baker, Michael Fotheringham, Peter Koulizos. University of Adelaide Research Tuesdays Seminar: Well May We Dwell. 9 March. Online Access.

  • 2020

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    4. Daniel, L., (2020) AHURI Webinar: Energy-affordable housing policy solutions. 27 November. Online Access.
  • 2019

    1. Baker, E., Beer, A. (2019) Dangerous to human health: that’s a housing problem much bigger than a few high-profile apartment blocks. The Conversation. 22 July. Online Access.
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