Our Housing Australia

The collection of insights contained in this book give us a valuable and broad view of housing in contemporary Australia

Our Housing Australia

Emma Baker, Claire Morey, Lyrian Daniel, Wendy Stone, Rebecca Bentley, Andrew Beer, Steven Rowley, Kerry London, Jane-Frances Kelly, Hal Pawson, Chris Leishman, Michael Buchan, Matt Lloyd-Cape, Amy Clair, Laura James, Mark Harris, Helen Dinmore, Trivess Moore, Ralph Horne, Craig M. Gurney

December 2023


Recommended citation
Baker, E. and Morey, C. (Eds.) (2023). Our Housing Australia. The Australian Centre for Housing Research. University of Adelaide. DOI 10.25909/24657108 

Housing offers much more than just shelter. It provides space for raising families, for leisure and rest, and increasingly, it doubles as a workspace. Housing also impacts our mental and physical health due to factors including cold, mould, poorly managed maintenance issues, unaffordability, and inequality.

For all its importance, we know surprisingly little about the homes Australians live in, beyond sales prices, construction materials and population averages. In 2022, the Australian Research Council (ARC), acknowledging this data gap, funded a collaboration of six universities to develop a multi-year national housing data infrastructure. The data contained in this infrastructure gives us a view ‘behind the front door’ of 22,550 Australian homes across tenure, income and all Australian States and Territories. This dataset is the third in a series of National Housing Conditions projects.


This research is funded by the Australian Research Council’s Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities scheme in partnership with the University of Adelaide, the University of South Australia, Swinburne University of Technology, the University of Melbourne, Curtin University and Torrens University, Australia.

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