The Environmental Distress Index (TEDI)

TEDI has been developed by the University of Adelaide for the Victorian Environment Protection Authority (EPA). It will be used to measure the impact that environmental events and pollution have on communities. The TEDI survey will help the EPA understand how to better protect community wellbeing.


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Community questionnaire

Impact of odour on communities 

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Project team

Emma Baker

Emma Baker

Professor Emma Baker is the Director of the Australian Centre for Housing Research, at the University of Adelaide and Deputy Director of the National Health and Medical Research Council’s Centre of Research Excellence for Healthy Housing.

Her work examines the health and human impacts of housing and location in urban and regional environments and focuses on the provision of healthy residential environments. 

Megan Moskos 

Megan Moskos

Associate Professor Megan Moskos is Associate Dean of Research Engagement at the University of Adelaide and Co-director of the Future of Employment and Skills research centre.  

Megan has extensive experience in working across government, business and community sectors to conduct research and evaluations to inform future policy and practice and generate positive social change. She has expertise in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies and in the management of complex mixed methods projects, including the integration of quantitative and qualitative findings. 

Miri Forbes 

Miri Forbes

Miriam K. Forbes is an Associate Professor in the School of Psychological Sciences at Macquarie University.

Her work focuses on understanding the statistical structure of mental health and illness, and she has done extensive work on developing and testing measures of individuals' psychological experiences. 

Kristine Peters 

Kristine Peters

Dr Kristine Peters (DipT, MBA, PhD) is a research adjunct with the University of Adelaide and runs a successful consulting firm (KPPM Strategy).

She is an experienced researcher and project manager, having coordinated and delivered a number of complex projects for the university and government sector. Her interests are strategic planning, business development, and organisational design and change. Kristine is the Project Manager of the TEDI project. 

Cynthia Barlow

Cynthia Barlow

Dr Cynthia Barlow is a researcher at the University of Adelaide. Cynthia works with households and communities to improve the environment in which they live. She has a strong interest in seeing people thrive in their home environment. 

Cynthia is the main contact person for this project

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This project is supported by the Environmental Protection Authority Victoria.

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