About Us

The Hugo Centre is at the cutting edge of population, demography, and migration research in Australia.


Our Mission

Our mission is to conduct innovative, interdisciplinary research on population, demography, and migration issues in order to:

  • Advance the boundaries of knowledge and scholarship
  • Inform social policy, practice and public debate
  • Improve decision making by applying research insights.

The Hugo Centre comprises a core team of professional researchers and support staff in collaboration with a wider network of research associates, working across a portfolio of prestigious competitively-funded projects, contract research and consultancy projects, and collaborative research grants administered at the local, national and international levels.

The Centre provides publicly engaged thought-leadership on migration and population issues through partnerships with stakeholders, including:

  • Government agencies at the state and federal levels
  • NGOs, charities and community organisations
  • Business and industry groups
  • Leading academic centres of excellence and media outlets around the world.

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