Raw feeding project

New international research project on raw feeding for dogs in the UK and Australia


At present, very little is known about owners’ decisions to feed their dogs raw meat-based diets beyond nutrition and health perspectives. This project aims to capture an in-depth understanding of the social aspects around raw feeding. We would like to invite you to take part in a research project being undertaken by PhD student researcher Natalia Ciecierska-Holmes (University of Adelaide/University of Nottingham) as well as Principal Investigator Professor Rachel Ankeny (University of Adelaide) and supervisors Dr Michelle Phillipov (University of Adelaide), Dr Pru Hobson-West (University of Nottingham) and Professor Kate Millar (University of Nottingham). See below for more information about the project and how to participate.

  • What is the project about?

    What we feed our dogs is important for many owners and guardians. In recent years, increasing numbers of owners are feeding their dogs ‘alternative diets’, including variations of raw meat-based diets. This project is exploring dietary shifts in human and non-human animal companions. The primary aim is to better understand the values, practices and ethics of dog owners who feed raw meat-based diets, while themselves eating a plant-based diet. To conduct this research, we are asking participants who themselves eat a plant-based diet to complete food diaries and attend an online research interview.

  • Why am I being invited to participate?

    You are being invited as you follow a plant-based diet (vegan/vegetarian/flexitarian) and predominantly feed your dog(s) a raw meat-based diet. You are also over the age of 18 and based in Australia.

  • What does taking part involve?

    1. We would like you to complete a photo/video food diary for three days (by taking one photo or short video per day). This could include your dog’s food and meal prep, mealtimes, your own food etc. Lighting and aesthetics aren’t important – this is to help the discussion.
    2. Natalia will then arrange an online interview discussion with you lasting around 1 hour, where we’d like to look at your photos/videos together and discuss your experience of raw feeding. With your consent, the discussion will be audio recorded.

    Participants will not be paid for taking part in the study. We are offering a $20 pet shop gift voucher for all participants who take part in the online interview.

If I want to participate, what do I do?

For further information or to participate in this study, please contact:

Researcher: Natalia Ciecierska-Holmes, PhD Candidate, University of Adelaide and University of Nottingham, email: natalia.ciecierska-holmes@adelaide.edu.au

Supervisor/PI: Professor Rachel Ankeny, University of Adelaide, email: rachel.ankeny@adelaide.edu.au