New Colombo plan scholarship provides international opportunities


Ellen Schulz was a New Colombo Plan Scholar in 2018, and studied at the University of Colombo in Sri Lanka towards her Bachelor of Arts.

“The New Colombo Plan has given me the opportunity to spend a year of my life seeking adventure in interesting places while also gaining career-relevant experience, building useful life skills (such as cross-cultural communication) and forming international personal and professional networks,” said Ellen.

“Being a Colombo Plan scholar is an amazing opportunity to shake up your routine and do something new.”

Ellen said the New Colombo Plan scholarships gave her the opportunity for international engagement in a way that is impossible for most, because she got to sit in a class with local students. Ellen, being the only foreigner in the whole faculty, was able to intern with organisations that interest her (whether it be a grassroots NGO or a multinational corporation), and form valuable Australia-Asia connections, and explore the Asia-Pacific region in a deep and meaningful way while still students.

“It’s an invaluable opportunity to choose-your-own-adventure through travel, work and study – I highly recommend that everyone considers applying, even if you’ve never considered studying internationally before,” she said.

You can find out information on the New Colombo Plan Scholarships for 2019 here.

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