Adding an honours degree to your qualification allows you to enhance focus on your research skills and significantly enhances your employment opportunities.

It was an easy decision to come back and do honours so that I could learn in this incredible environment for another year of study. I have progressed even further as a player and am far more experienced, confident, directed and motivated as a musician.

What is Honours?

Honours is a year-long intensive program undertaken after a Bachelor’s degree, allowing you to focus on an area of expertise through advanced coursework and extensive research.

Recognised as a prestigious qualification, by undertaking Honours you open up a new world of opportunity to pursue further knowledge within a discipline you are passionate about while being guided by an academic mentor who will encourage growth and provide support on your journey. 

Students will usually undertake Honours full-time, however, in some disciplines it is possible to complete over two years on account of special circumstances.

An Honours degree is the prerequisite for entry to a Higher Degree by Research at the Masters and Doctorate levels.

Why study Honours?

An Honours degree can provide you with a competitive advantage in your career, or place you on track towards a PhD.

Students gain highly transferable skills in research, time management, analysis and critical thinking, giving them a competitive edge in their employment opportunities.

You’ll develop your research alongside our world-renowned researchers. Honours students are partnered with an academic mentor who oversees, supports and encourages student intellectual growth through the production of an Honours thesis.

Expressions of interest to be submitted by 30 November for Semester 1 commencement the following year.

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  • Eligibility

    The prerequisite for entry into Honours is a completed Bachelor's degree with a major in your chosen discipline.  The grade average required differs from discipline to discipline so you should consult the relevant Honours Convenor for further information. Generally a credit average of 65% or better in your major is required.

    Honours is a selective and competitive process. There is currently one intake per year (Semester 1) and students are encouraged to submit an application by November the year prior.  

    Meeting the above criteria does not guarantee entry into an Honours Program. All applications will be assessed on an individual basis by the appropriate Honours Convenor for suitability.

    If you are interested, please contact the relevant Honours Convenor to start a conversation about Honours and whether it is a challenge that you would like to pursue.

    Please note if you are applying for entry into Honours in Music then you may have to attend an audition. This will be advised by us once we have received your application.

    ** Bachelor of Media (Hons) is available to students who have completed the Bachelor of Media (or approved equivalent) to an appropriate standard.

    Entry Requirements of an Arts Honours Program for Non-Arts Students:

    For any non-Arts student who is interested in applying for an Arts honours program, you are required to complete 24 units or equivalent of an Arts major in the same discipline area of your intended honours studies. The 24 units must comprise a maximum of 6 units at Level I, 6 units at Level II and 6 units at Level III, plus mandatory completion of the relevant 6-unit capstone course.

  • Fees and scholarships

    Fees vary based on the Honours program you are enrolled in. Students are able to pay for their Honours program through Fee-Help.

    There are broad range of scholarships available for Honours students.

  • How to apply

    Students who are identified as high-performing third-year undergraduate arts students are invited to submit an Honours assessment form. If you don't receive an invitation, you are still welcome to submit an application.