Tips for emotional resilience during the COVID-19 crisis


Many of us may start to feel anxious in response to the uncertainty of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and that's ok, because we are all in it together.

Please know that it’s normal to be unsettled and concerned about the upending of life as we know it. Nobody knows how long the pandemic will last, but we can follow the following science-based approaches can help to preserve your psychological well-being during these challenging times.

  1. Accept negative emotions

Avoidance of anxious thoughts and sadness will only make these emotions stronger and longer-lasting.

  1. Create new routines

Be mindful of over-relying on distraction strategies like Netflix. Stick to a regular wake-up, grooming, studying and eating routine.

  1. Reinvent self-care

Exercise, good nutrition and socialising enhance emotional well-being so it’s time to get creative! This can range from using apps for home exercise to FaceTiming with your peers.

  1. Reflect, relate and reframe

Enjoy the opportunity to finally have time on your side. Rethink your life’s priorities and take time to savor heart-to-heart conversations with family members or friends.

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