Congratulations to Adjunct Professor Purnendra Jain


On Showa Day (29 April), the Government of Japan, on behalf of the Emperor, conferred on Adjunct Professor Purnendra Jain its highest award for which a foreigner is eligible – The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon (旭日中綬賞).

The award recognises Professor Jain’s extensive contribution to the development of Japanese Studies, the promotion of Australia-Japan relations and the deepening of Australian understanding of Japanese society and culture.

This award is the third highest of six classes and the highest level any ordinary citizen can receive. The two top awards are reserved for high-ranking political leaders, royalty, senior diplomats and other officials.

Purnendra held the position of Professor of Japanese Studies in the Asian Studies Department, School of Social Sciences, from 1995 till his retirement in October 2019.

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