Aurora internship program: Summer 2020/2021 round

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, the Internships team at Aurora is continuing to do all we can to meet the needs of our Hosts and the aspirations of our participants.  

Aurora is deeply concerned about the health and welfare of our interns as well as our Hosts, and of the potential transmission to one of our Host organisations, especially those working with vulnerable communities.  We are therefore currently assessing our policies and safeguards for interstate and on the ground internships in the coming months.

We are pleased to attach a letter outlining the Aurora Internship Program, including an update on your university’s involvement in the Program 

The overall aim of the Program is to facilitate individual professional development by building career experiences and opportunities in the sector, and to strengthen the capacity of Indigenous sector organisations by attracting and retaining talented Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. We pride ourselves on having a transformational impact on the organisations we support and on the career aspirations of our internship alumni.

 The Program is pleased to be able to continue to provide financial support via Scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Interns in the upcoming summer 2020/21 round - more information can be found at  

We welcome students and graduates with academic backgrounds in business, education, health science, law, media/communications, some social sciences (including anthropology, archaeology, cultural heritage and environmental management, Indigenous studies, history, human geography and sociology), health science (including psychology and social work) and aim to place candidates at Indigenous sector organisations Australia wide, working in native title, land rights, policy development, health and social welfare, justice, environmental management and research.  In addition, we also place Indigenous Interns at a range of Hosts outside of the sector, so long as the placements are relevant to their study and career aspirations, and they can also come from film, music and creative arts, as well as STEM related fields.  

We would be grateful if you could once again assist with the promotion of the upcoming summer 2020/21 round by arranging for the attached flyer to be posted on your Faculty and Indigenous Centre website, Facebook page and circulating it to your students and appropriate staff.   

Applications will be open from Monday 10 August through 5pm AEST Friday 28 August 2020.  More information about applying can be accessed via the Aurora website at

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