School of Economics success in the ARC Discovery Grants

Congratulations to two teams from the School of Economics for their success in the recently announced Australian Research Council, Discovery Grants; 

  • Professor Ralph Bayer will be conducting research on Price-Setting Rules and Allocative Efficiency in Oligopolies. The research will be undertaken by Professor Giulio Zanella, former Adelaide staff member, and now at the University of Bologna (Italy). What are Oligopolies, you might ask?  An oligopoly is a market or industry is dominated by a small group of large sellers. A market that is imperfectly competitive.

    The research undertaken by Professors Bayer and Zanella aims to advance practical policy advice to improve consumer welfare in areas such as petrol, groceries and online retail. 

  • Associate Professor Firmin Sabro Doko Tchatoka will be part of a research team lead by colleagues at Monash University, working to develop new econometric and statistical techniques to improve the ways policy outcomes are measured. Its possible improvement in these tools will have a lasting impact on our ability to assess the true effectiveness of policies, and thus improve future policy frameworks.  

Congratulations to our grant recipients, and the broader research teams. We look forward to learning about the research findings!

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