Asian Cultures students learn Japanese etiquette

The differences in etiquette between Japan and the West can be difficult to understand for first-time visitors to Japan, but in a session with expert Eri Dennis, students are offered unique insight into Japanese business etiquette, as well as the culture and communication features of Japan and China, across industry, government and society in general.

In courses like Introduction to Asian Cultures (ASIA 1104), our students are building the qualities most highly sought after by employers so our graduates will thrive in the jobs of the future.

Eri Dennis is a previous student of the University of Adelaide who has worked at the Australian Embassy in Tokyo. She is currently a consultant with Shinka Management  where she focuses on consulting, training, and study tours to help with the common misunderstandings and challenges that many people outside of Japan are confronted with when communicating with the Japanese.

After the session with Eri, Bachelor of Arts (Advanced) student Ebony Werner commented:

"... it was really interesting, and the content felt grounded in real life experience. Furthermore, it was delivered at a nice pace; I was able to take notes on interesting points, or points relevant to my own assignments. The quizzes were an effective way to promote class engagement."

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