Economics and Law student Mahya uses skills to advocate for Women

Mahya Panahkhahi is a third-year student completing a Bachelor of Economics (Advanced) as well as a Bachelor of Laws. She has spent one day per week over the past 9 months volunteering at the Working Women’s Centre SA.

Mahya Panahkhahi

Mahya worked alongside other volunteers and staff to explore the disproportionate impacts of the pandemic on young women through conducting research, meeting with decision-maker and holding consultation sessions.

The findings of their report was successfully launched in late April this year. At the report launch, Mahya spoke about the disproportionate economic effects of COVID-19 on young women, as well as its impacts on female international students.

Mahya found volunteering at the Working Women’s Centre very rewarding and hopes that their findings will help achieve a more inclusive recovery from the pandemic.

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