Guest Lecture on Japanese Business Etiquette held for Asian Cultures Students

In early May, the Department of Asian Studies invited a guest speaker from Adelaide-based international lean consulting firm, Shinka Management, as part of the Introduction to Asian Cultures undergraduate course.

Eri Dennis

The course, ASIA 1104 Introduction to Asian Cultures, introduces key features of China, Japan and other Asian countries, across industry, government and society in general to nurture students’ capability to be effective in a cultural and business sense in Asia.

The guest lecturer Eri Dennis, who is originally from Japan, presented some of the key cultural and communicational aspects of Japan regarded important when dealing with the Japanese from a business perspective. The lecture covered a range of topics including etiquette and manners, common business practices and protocols as well as the psyche and reasoning behind them.

Eri is a previous student of the University of Adelaide who worked for several international businesses and governmental organisations including IBM Australia and the Australian Embassy in Tokyo before joining Shinka Management. She is a NAATI accredited and certified Japanese interpreter and translator and is currently based in Adelaide. The company supports clients in over 60 different countries with consulting, training, and study tours focused on Japanese lean manufacturing.

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