Congratulations to all of our Arts, Business, Law and Economics internal grants award winners!

Markus Spiske

Establishment Grant awards

  • Aaron Scott Humphrey (School of Humanities) - Kangarooland: Two Cartoonists in Australia’s WWI Internment Camps
  • Connie Marguerite (School of Social Sciences) - A pilot study on the role of community advocacy in government decision making about Covid-19 and the impacts on women’s health
  • Bill Skinner (School of Social Sciences) - Vignerons as climate first responders?
  • Joanne Maree Flavel (School of Social Sciences) - Improving our understanding of gender and health inequities in Australia
  • Dang Nguyen (Adelaide Business School) - Engaging external stakeholders in the project environment: an influence-tracing approach
  • Tin Kei Wong (School of Social Sciences) - Exploring Chinese beachgoers’ perceptions of Australian beach safety signage
  • Wei Li (Adelaide Business School) - Interconnection of directors in audit committee and financial reporting quality
  • Masaki Shibata (School of Social Sciences) - Identifying successful ways of recruiting migrant lifesavers: interviewing migrant lifesavers currently on patrol in Australia
  • Cynthia Isley (School of Social Sciences) - Temperature and humidity as a proxy for mould in homes
  • Michaela Estelle Okninski (Adelaide Law School) - Examining Medical Practitioners Understanding of 'acting freely and without coercion' in a Request for Voluntary Assisted Dying

Interdisciplinary Grant awards

  • Edward Palmer (School of Education) - The link between hip-hop lyrics and adolescent mental health
  • Pam Papadelos (School of Social Sciences) - Science communication behind the scenes?: Interrogating the role of women in professional life sciences societies
  • Yan Tan (School of Social Sciences) - The dynamics of entrepreneurship and adversity among disadvantaged migrants in Australia
  • Georgina Drew (School of Social Sciences) - Understanding the Social Perceptions and Policy Innovations Motivating Marine Restorations
  • Shoko Yoneyama (School of Social Sciences) - The University of Adelaide Beyond Climate Anxiety
  • Anne Pender (School of Humanities) - Arts Education and Wellbeing in Australian Education
  • Fran Baum (School of Social Sciences) - Is Corporate Social Responsibility all it is cracked up to be?
  • Megan Warin (School of Social Sciences) - Feminist Mentoring for the Contemporary University
  • Duygu Yengin (School of Economics and Public Policy) - Stakeholder amelioration in antagonistic environments

Kickstart Grant awards

  • Rachel A. Ankeny (School of Humanities) - Tents, Huts, and Dorms: Migrant Work Camps in South Australia since 1949
  • John Willison (School of Education) - Baseline Data from Employed Graduates of the Bachelor of Teaching
  • Simon Trevor Walsh (School of Humanities) - Cultural Refractions of German Identity in Australia's WWI German Concentration Camp
  • Luke Dollman (Elder Conservatorium of Music) - Researching reaction times and TOJ thresholds of musicians in a real life ensemble setting
  • Anna Szorenyi (School of Social Sciences) - Autism in HDR research and supervision practice
  • Yan Tan (School of Social Sciences) - Chinese business migrants in South Australia: attitudes and activities in uncertain times
  • Christopher Boyle (School of Education) - Inclusive Education for Teachers and Communities in Vanuatu
  • Mandy Treagus (School of Humanities) - Militarism and ecologies in the Pacific: legacies in literature and film
  • Priya Chacko (School of Social Sciences) - Gender equality, right-wing populism, and the politics of social policy in India
  • John Tibby (School of Social Sciences) - The risk, and consequences, of lakes drying on K'gari (Fraser Island)
  • Ivan Obaydin (Adelaide Business School) - The Impact of Artificial Intelligence Technologies on Business Performance
  • Dianne Rodger (School of Social Sciences) - Music Building: Northern Sound System x WOMAD Program Evaluation and Linkage Development
  • Czeslaw Tubilewicz (School of Social Sciences) - Paradiplomacy in International Relations Theory
  • Chee Cheong (Adelaide Business School) - The Pricing of Green and Social Bonds
  • Tiziana Torresi (School of Social Sciences) - The changing nature of migration and integration
  • Stephane Mahuteau (School of Economics and Public Policy) - Labour market imbalances and skills shortage
  • Nathan Manning (School of Social Sciences) - Longitudinal Study of Drivers of Youth Prejudice and Radicalisation: A Pilot Study
  • David Adamson (School of Economics and Public Policy) - Climate Change and Biological Control
  • George Tan (School of Social Sciences) - Degrees of Unfreedom: Foreign-Born University Graduate Labor Market Outcomes in Australia, Sweden, and the United States
  • Alec Zuo (School of Economics and Public Policy) - Population mobility in the nexus of vaccination and infections during the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Jungho Suh (School of Social Sciences) - Grow Free Network in South Australia: a borderless community and sharing economy
  • Indra Gunawan (Adelaide Business School) - Public Private Partnership (PPP) for Smart Transportation Infrastructure Investment: Potential Risks and Lessons Learnt
  • Arvid Hoffmann (Adelaide Business School) - Subjective wealth, liquid vs. solid consumption, and minimalism
  • Hong Cai (School of Social Sciences) - Nurturing Australia's Little Multilingual Minds - Mandarin
  • Mathew White (School of Education) - Understanding how boarding schools can support mental health and wellbeing of rural and remote students during the recovery from COVID-19
  • Tsan-Huang Tsai (Elder Conservatorium of Music) - Structuring Sounds in Pure-lands: The Making of Soundscapes at Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temples in Australia

Acceleration Grant awards

  • Edward Palmer (School of Education) - CRC: Enhancing creativity with technology
  • Anne Pender (School of Humanities) - Sinophone Performance in Australia and New Zealand from the 19th Century until the Present
  • Megan Moskos (School of Economics and Public Policy) - Indigenous housing conditions across Australia
  • Andrew Skuse (School of Social Sciences) - The Accountability to Disaster Affected Populations and Communication and Community Engagement Nexus
  • Maggie Tonkin (School of Humanities) - Re-Activating the Choreographic Archive of Australian Dance Theatre for the Future
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