Audio visual room controller refresh

What’s happening?

Audio Visual (AV) room controllers in many high utilisation common teaching areas across the University’s three Adelaide campuses (North Terrace, Waite, and Roseworthy) have reached ‘end of life’. This means the chances the equipment will fail increases. The University has taken the opportunity over the summer break to install the new interfaces, to minimise the impacts on teaching activities.

When will it happen?

The AV Squad has upgraded the interfaces in high utilisation shared teaching spaces in all three campuses. View list of rooms that have been successfully upgraded.

What are the changes from the old ones?

The new AV interfaces have more functionality and allow the ITDS Service Desk to remotely access to help resolve any issues. AV Controller instructions are available on the ITDS Self Help Guides website, or download a copy.

How can I get training?

ITDS staff will be hosting a series of 'come-and-try' sessions on each campus to allow staff to get hands-on practice. All academics are encouraged to come and ask questions. For specific details, please email

Please log a ticket using the MyIT Portal if you have any questions about the program.

Can I check one out now?

Yes! The new interface has been installed in more than a hundred teaching rooms. You can visit any of the rooms listed if you want try the upgraded AV system.

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