Become an expert in digital learning technologies with the School of Education’s eLearning Program

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The University of Adelaide has partnered with Apple to be the only Australian university incorporating learning technologies throughout its teaching degrees.

“Our eLearning Program aims to enrich the learning of pre-service teachers through the relevant, skilful and innovative use of contemporary technologies, and in turn to enrich the learning of the schoolchildren with whom graduate teachers will eventually work.”Dr Walter Barbieri, School of Education at the University of Adelaide.

Around 85% of our students obtain Apple Teacher and Microsoft Educator status – internationally recognised certifications that represent a teacher’s capabilities using classroom technologies. Academic staff in the School of Education have all also achieved Apple Teacher status.

We have renewed the ways we plan, resource and deliver every Bachelor of Teaching course with digital technologies in mind. Our teaching materials, activities and assessments make contemporary best-practice use of learning technologies.

For example, our students are creating AR learning resources to embed in a lesson sequence which they can submit for a prize-winning competition. There’s also a competition and prizes for students who have documented an outstanding example of the way they use technology in a lesson while on placement.

First year Bachelor of Teaching students are placed in schools where they are immersed in technology-rich environments and can learn from mentor teachers who model effective teaching with learning technologies. Many of our students on placement have contributed to professional development workshops in their host schools. It’s ground-breaking work and our students are leading in this space.

As the first and only tertiary Apple Distinguished School in Australia and New Zealand, we’re making the most of enhanced opportunities for networking, collaboration and partner engagement. We’re conducting research to explore the ways 1:1 technologies are being used by students and teachers in schools and are collecting data at a range of sites. We will track the way our eLearning graduates use technology in their early career work as a teacher.

University of Adelaide teaching students graduate with the real-world skills and confidence to immediately enter the classroom and lead young people’s learning.

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